Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction with Downstream Reporting

It’s become common to say that we live in an information-rich world. The Internet has eliminated distance and smartphones have made it possible for us to access anything, anywhere, anytime. But how many of us really use information constructively in our businesses? How many of us have thought about how to use information to improve […]

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4 Core Financial Disciplines to Track in Your Company

In previous blog posts I’ve written about why an Executive Support System (ESS) is important in helping CEOs to make forward-thinking decisions. I’ve also explored some of the detailed metrics and ratios that an ESS tracks, like the three types of profitability metrics. Now I’d like to give a quick overview of the four core […]

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How Brightmetrics Handles Security in our SaaS Product

These days small to mid-sized businesses are turning more and more often to Software as a Service (Saas) or cloud solutions like Brightmetric’s Executive Support System (ESS). When compared to in-house solutions, cloud solutions tend to be more cost-effective, quicker and easier to setup and easier to upgrade. Using a cloud solution also allows small […]

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