Context over Content

Over at (an excellent site) I was reading a great post about how British Petroleum is trying to mislead us with graphs in their efforts to curb the oil spill in the Gulf. This really got me thinking about something that we all know but often ignore. A creative person can really make data […]

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What Makes Google so Special

They are a household name now. By many accounts they have the most valuable brand in the world (although I would argue against that with their all but pulling out of the China market). There is no question that they are doing something right. But what is it? It’s all about data. Google is the […]

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Inaugural Post

This is my inaugural post at the Brightmetrics blog. Many people know me from the last 11 years of my life as CEO of PlanIT Solutions. Being CEO at a successful IT solutions provider for that long means that I’ve gotten to know a lot of small and medium sized companies. Through that experience I’ve […]

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