Brightmetrics – What Does That Field Mean?

One of the most common sort of questions we get at the support desk ( is about what some of the fields in Brightmetrics mean.

For the most part, we take the descriptions right from ShoreTel’s data and the info we give comes from their documents. But it’s not very convenient for us to tell you to go find it there. And we have a lot of fields that ShoreTel doesn’t offer. So we have some other places that may be more convenient for you to find that information. Read the rest of this entry »

Multiple-Item and Multiple-Value Charts

Most Brightmetrics users are familiar with single-item charts, which is to say charts that display a single value, potentially broken out by a dimension. For example, count of all calls taken by a workgroup, either as a single total value or perhaps broken out by exit reason, answering agent, or wait time interval.

But what if you wanted to see the count of all calls taken by a workgroup, as well as the 28-day moving average of the same value to see which days are above or below trend? Or average queue time for a workgroup vs average talk time? Or the count of calls coming in to the main customer service number vs count of calls handled by the customer service workgroup? For these cases Brightmetrics has an advanced option known as multiple-item charts. Read the rest of this entry »

ShoreTel Auto-Attendant Reporting

This post has been updated on 2/25/2014 to update based on further testing. We had been recommending Route Points as reporting points for AA reporting but have found that is not as reliable as using empty Workgroups instead. This post now reflects the new instructions.

We get a lot of requests for reporting on what happens within a ShoreTel Auto-Attendant.

Unfortunately, ShoreTel’s AAs are a black box to outside developers. We see a call go in to the AA and we see it come out, but we have no way of knowing what happens while it is in there.

But all is not lost. With a little ingenuity, you can have reports that show you exactly what happens in your Auto Attendants and follow any flow. Read the rest of this entry »

Brightmetrics Update – Save Charts as Graphics

We get asked a lot to be able to save charts as a graphic to include in emails or reports.

We’ve just added that feature. Read the rest of this entry »

Time Synchronization and ShoreTel Reporting


Recently we have seen several companies with discrepancies in reporting and analytics for the ShoreTel system that have been due to time synchronization issues between different components in the ShoreTel system. So we asked our CTO, Andrew Gaskill, to write up a quick blog post to discuss this and how to make sure your ShoreTel system stays in sync.

In the ShoreTel CDR database, calls are broken out into so-called “connect” records for each party involved in the call. Read the rest of this entry »

New Feature – Added ability to email reports as PDF, XLS, or CSV

We pushed a small but highly requested feature out today.

Reports can now be exported or emailed as PDF, XLS, or CSV.

The difference between XLS and CSV is subtle. Read the rest of this entry »