Meta-Data and the Promise of the Cloud

Unless you’re seriously into computer systems, chances are you won’t have heard much about something called meta-data. Meta-data holds the promise of different cloud platforms seamlessly interacting with each other and it is going to be increasingly important for the way you run your business. In the old days, computer systems were totally self-contained. Your […]

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My Take on Entrepreneurship

In the 2007 kids’ movie Ratatouille the mordant food critic Anton Ego says, “The world is often unkind to new talent, new creations. The new needs friends.” Every entrepreneur should be in furious agreement, because few things in life are tougher than trying to create a new company. Mostly, entrepreneurs are madly optimistic people – […]

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Information as an Asset Class

In 2010 the World Economic Forum issued a paper which argued that information is becoming the next hot asset class. The general argument was simple and compelling: whereas a century ago capital was the number one commercial input factor, today it is information that counts. We can see the validity of this argument by conducting […]

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