How Brightmetrics Handles Security in our SaaS Product

These days small to mid-sized businesses are turning more and more often to Software as a Service (Saas) or cloud solutions like Brightmetric’s Executive Support System (ESS). When compared to in-house solutions, cloud solutions tend to be more cost-effective, quicker and easier to setup and easier to upgrade. Using a cloud solution also allows small […]

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What is an Executive Support System

How do you make business decisions? If you’re like most executives, then you probably have one of those enormous Excel spreadsheets, a dozen tabs wide, with data from various departments. It is painstaking to build and update a spreadsheet with figures from every department of your organization. The data always needs massaging to fit together […]

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The Value of Peer Groups

Late last week, I began having conversations with the folks at the Sonoma Mountain Business Cluster about the possibility of Brightmetrics becoming an affiliate client there. The SMBC is a really top notch startup incubator and I believe the residents there have a real leg up. The mentors are all very successful people that are […]

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