Brightmetrics – What Does That Field Mean?

One of the most common sort of questions we get at the support desk ( is about what some of the fields in Brightmetrics mean.

For the most part, we take the descriptions right from ShoreTel’s data and the info we give comes from their documents. But it’s not very convenient for us to tell you to go find it there. And we have a lot of fields that ShoreTel doesn’t offer. So we have some other places that may be more convenient for you to find that information.

One of them we’ve had since the beginning. That’s the Tooltips when you mouse over any field in Edit Mode (for On-Demand Reports)
Ondemand tooltip
or the Chart Options dialog (for Dashboards).

chart options tooltip

Now there’s another place to get that information.

It’s not always handy to get the definitions there. Maybe you don’t have permissions for edit mode, or maybe you just want a list of the different fields that you can include in your reports.

From our Brightmetrics Support page (you can get there from the Brightmetrics service by clicking Help in the Sidebar menu or by going to our web page and navigating to you can find our Data Source Definitions Page.
On this page you can select any category, data set, or field name and narrow down choices to get to the fields you want to see. Check out this powerful new tool. You might even find new fields that you’d like to report on that you didn’t even know we had.

We hope that you find these definitions helpful. We always building new functions and features into Brightmetrics and we’d love to hear from you if you have any ideas that we can use to make our tool more powerful and flexible. Please let us know at

If you have any other questions regarding Brightmetrics’ ShoreTel Reporting Services, please email us at

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