Derive Business Value from Your Mitel MiVoice Connect (formerly ShoreTel) Phone System with Brightmetrics

Organizations need easy access to analytics that help them make good decisions when it comes to staffing levels, employee productivity and understanding the customer experience.

To derive this level of detail from your telephone data, it's vital to provide call center management and team leaders with access to customized reports and dashboards that deliver both a high-level view of call center performance and the ability to drill down into the details of that data. This is the one-two punch that produces both the analytics and business insights you need for accurate and timely decision making.

Brightmetrics for Every Level of your Organization

Call Center Managers

Improve availability, format and organize data to leverage your Mitel MiVoice Connect Phone system and make better business decisions for your call center. Help your call center managers and shift leaders achieve objectives, both tactically and strategically.



The primary contact method for customers is still your business phone system. Executives can leverage the analytics available through your Mitel MiVoice Connect phone system to create policies and objectives that reflect what your customers want. Make the data that can help you achieve organizational goals available in any format on demand and sliced and diced in a way that provides insights into your business.


IT Managers

Make your technical staff happy with the simplicity of implementing and managing Brightmetrics. You can also supplement their diagnostic tools with Brightmetrics, providing the ability to identify phone system issues and point to the solution.


All About Brightmetrics

Because Brightmetrics is so valuable to many different types of organizations, we've developed a suite of solutions tailor-made to fit the specific business needs of their decision-makers. Here are the Brightmetrics solutions:

Core UC Analytics

Brightmetrics is a Mitel MiVoice Connect telephone analytics product like you've never seen before. Our data feeds come from multiple sources, available to be configured in any manner that works for you and with the opportunity to dive as deep into the data to make the best business decisions for your organization.

Enterprise Contact Center Analytics

Available for Mitel MiVoice Connect Contact Center customers, this add-on caters to the many unique data reporting needs of enterprise contact centers. Contact center managers know that data is vital to the ability to design the best customer experience possible. Brightmetrics ECC allows you to apply the outstanding analytics available in Brightmetrics to your contact center.

Real Time Dashboards

Brightmetrics historical data in the two modules above is very up to date - up to an hour old at most. But, we recognize that sometimes you need data as it happens. That's where Brightmetrics Real Time comes in. Designed to provide analytics that show the customer experience as it happens. Brightmetrics Real Time is ideal for workgroup and call center managers who are in the trenches and need the ability to react to customer demands on the fly.

Configuration Management Tools

Call Flow Reporting

Understand the customer experience like you never have before. Don't spend hours trying to understand the auto-attendant path your callers are put through or the configuration of your call flow. Immediately understand where you are looping or orphaning calls and adjust accordingly.

Extension References

Instantly discover every route callers take that land at specific extensions. Whether you're trying to remove extensions, track call flow, or troubleshoot a customer issue, our extension references tool is the quickest route to understanding how a caller winds up at a particular extension every single time.

Work Group Memberships

These reports allow you to see all users that are configured to be assigned to Hunt Groups and Workgroups within your Mitel MiVoice Connect system! This gives you the inverse call flow perspectives - returning values based on all users assigned to your groups or by user with all huntgroups/workgroups they are assigned to.

IP Phone Buttons

See all enabled configurations of your Mitel MiVoice Connect phones with this handy tool! You can use the IP Phone Buttons report for everything from optimizing and standardizing your phone configuration in the best way possible to determining which phone extensions are used the most. Utilize this report to ensure your team is using their phone system in the most efficient and beneficial manner possible.

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