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Submitting a Ticket

Submitting a Ticket

Please submit your support ticket below. Our team is dedicated to responding to support inquiries within 24 hours. We’ll be in touch soon!

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

Do you learn visually by seeing someone do it first? We've got you covered! Our video tutorials are best viewed within Brightmetrics so you can see them in the context of the services but we also have a channel set up for you to check these out. These videos will help you to get set up, navigate your Brightmetrics dashboards and manipulate reports for maximum impact.

Help Center

Help Center

Get the most possible out of Brightmetrics! Learn from our comprehensive searchable Help Center knowledge base for step-by-step instructions to get set up and navigate your Brightmetrics dashboards and manipulate reports for maximum impact.



The best results are derived from a thorough understanding of how Brightmetrics works. Our training is designed to help you get the most out of your Mitel and Genesys Cloud data by using Brightmetrics to the best of its ability.

Help Center

Continue to learn about Brightmetrics™ and all the ways it helps you derive value from your customer engagement data from your contact center phone system. Let us know what other information would help you get the most out of your Brightmetrics system!

Help Center

Training Center

Continue to learn about Brightmetrics™ and all the value it provides. These training modules are designed to dive deeper into specific topics as they relate to the business insights available from Brightmetrics. See below for a list of our training sessions. We offer regularly scheduled weekly classes complimentary to your subscription to Brightmetrics!

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Brightmetrics Ask Me Anything Live Q&A Session
We’re excited to announce our new 30-minute live Q&A AMA (Ask Me Anything) Sessions! These are no-commitment sessions – you’re welcome to join at any time during the 30-minute window, ask our Support experts your question, and if you don’t want to stay for the rest of the session, no hard feelings. We understand you have other things to tend to. 

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Brightmetrics Customized Dashboards Training
Learn to create the visualizations you need to make intelligent business decisions and democratize data perspectives across your organization by attending the Brightmetrics Dashboard Training session. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about building dashboards and charts around your contact center phone system from basic navigation and interpretation to advanced analytics.

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Brightmetrics On-Demand Reports Training
Attend the Brightmetrics Reporting Training session to learn everything you need to know to build customized, useful reports in minutes that are tailored to the unique perspectives most important to you or other stakeholders on your team. We’ll show you the ropes when it comes to creating reports and automating data your entire team can use to effectively monitor and adjust from to continually improve customer satisfaction and team productivity.

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Brightmetrics Administrator Training

Brightmetrics Administrator training will show you all of the tips and tricks necessary to manage your users and their dashboards and reports. With this module, you will have the ability to change company settings, adjust data sources, and troubleshoot for your users.

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Brightmetrics Paid Personalized Training

The majority of Brightmetrics users find everything they need to become a Brightmetrics expert through the group trainings listed above. However, we do recognize that you and your organization may be interested in a personalized one on one session, so we offer these kinds of sessions at a paid cost. You can schedule one of these by clicking the link below.

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