Check out the Big Transfer Rate on Brad…

Right about now, you’re probably thinking about Big Kahuna Burger, but let’s not get carried away and move on to evaluating your agents from the data insights available in Brightmetrics 🔍.    via GIPHY   The last time we left off, Peter was walking us through how you can use Transfer Rate and Average Handle […]

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Agent Productivity: The Good, The Bad, The Cherry Pickers

Let’s face it… you have a sense of who your productive agents are. Wouldn’t you love some clear objective metrics to confirm your gut instincts (or maybe show you something that might be obscured)?   Sure, your team comes to work every day, clocks in on time, answer some calls, talks about how their mothers-in-law […]

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Setting the right SLA for contact centers

How to Set Your Call Center Service Level Agreement

Having the correct service level agreement is imperative for your organization in order to achieve maximum customer service satisfaction while following budgetary restrictions and setting achievable goals for your call center agents. Sometimes there are immediate, direct fiscal penalties for breach in contractually obligated SLAs; other times the business impact of poor experiences is not […]

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