ECC Insights – Who Does It Better?

Here’s our newest video that showcases everything we can do for users of the Enterprise Contact Center and why ECC users need more than what ShoreTel delivers in their native reporting and even their add-on applications.     Successful contact center operations demand analytics that are accessible. This means that you can manipulate, change the […]

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So, Where Do I Start?

At first glance, it can be a little overwhelming to understand and manage the dashboards and reporting features in Brightmetrics. [Me on login #1]   via GIPHY   Fortunately, getting started is easy. Watch this quick video or read below to find out how.     Not a video person and you’d rather skim? Here’s […]

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Maintaining Communication with Your Community in Crisis

In October of 2017, Sonoma and Napa counties in Northern California endured devastating wildfires. The disaster spread quickly- causing casualties, consuming over 160,000 acres and over 7,000 structures. Emergency services were needed throughout the City of Santa Rosa. Not only were emergency responders, volunteers, and shelters imperative, but it became apparent that their internal and […]

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Spotlight on Healthcare: Set Achievable Goals with Brightmetrics

Within the past decade, the US healthcare industry has shifted in ways that empower consumers with many choices when it comes to their healthcare providers. This has increased the emphasis on providing excellent customer service as a way to differentiate. Regardless of the type of contact or the service being provided, the goal for many […]

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What does this Brightmetrics field mean?

Brightmetrics: What Does That Field Mean?

  One of the questions we get asked most frequently at the support desk ( is about what a particular field in Brightmetrics means. At every opportunity, we take the descriptions right from ShoreTel’s data, and the information we provide comes from their documents. But it’s not very convenient for us to tell you to […]

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Brightmetrics ShoreTel Business Analytics

Why You Need Analytics for Your ShoreTel Phone, Not Just Reporting

 “What is the difference between reporting and analytics?” That’s one of the most common questions we field here at Brightmetrics. It’s a difficult question to answer because of the overlap between data and analytics. The way we look at it, reporting is a subset of analytics. You can’t really have analytics without reporting, but analytics […]

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Brightmetrics vs. ShoreTel Reporting

Contact center managers with ShoreTel phone systems and Enterprise Contact Center know they need to make data-driven decisions but have found that getting to the data to discover insights can be incredibly difficult. For that reason, Brightmetrics developed the Enterprise Contact Center (ECC) Analytics add-on service. We wanted to develop a service that democratized access […]

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Call Center Metrics

Which 2 Metrics Can I Use for a Better Customer Experience Tomorrow?

Each call center has its own programs, with goals and objectives set by the management, client, or other key stakeholders. While there are several key call center metrics needed for a balanced perspective (i.e. customer satisfaction, first contact resolution, agent satisfaction, etc.), there are a couple of metrics that are within your span of control […]

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Improve Call Center Agent Performance

3 Ways to Improve Call Center Agent Performance

If you use Brightmetrics Core UC Analytics Service to derive valuable business insights from your ShoreTel business phones, you’re already a believer in empowering your team with data perspectives that are tailored and unique to your organization. Call center management and team leaders can also take these benefits to the next level with ECC Analytics […]

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