Brightmetrics ShoreTel Business Analytics

Why You Need Analytics for Your ShoreTel Phone, Not Just Reporting

 “What is the difference between reporting and analytics?” That’s one of the most common questions we field here at Brightmetrics. It’s a difficult question to answer because of the overlap between data and analytics. The way we look at it, reporting is a subset of analytics. You can’t really have analytics without reporting, but analytics […]

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Brightmetrics vs. ShoreTel Reporting

Contact center managers with ShoreTel phone systems and Enterprise Contact Center know they need to make data-driven decisions but have found that getting to the data to discover insights can be incredibly difficult. For that reason, Brightmetrics developed the Enterprise Contact Center (ECC) Analytics add-on service. We wanted to develop a service that democratized access […]

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Setting the right SLA for contact centers

How to Set Your Call Center Service Level Agreement

Having the correct service level agreement is imperative for your organization in order to achieve maximum customer service satisfaction while following budgetary restrictions and setting achievable goals for your call center agents. Sometimes there are immediate, direct fiscal penalties for breach in contractually obligated SLAs; other times the business impact of poor experiences is not […]

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Using Charts Like a Lamp-posts

“He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts…for support rather than illumination.”  — Andrew Lang (1844-1912) Scottish poet, novelist and literary critic It isn’t new. Statistics and graphics don’t have to mean anything or even offer any real information. Often, charts are there for the sole purpose of eliciting an emotion. The party doing […]

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What Makes Google so Special

They are a household name now. By many accounts they have the most valuable brand in the world (although I would argue against that with their all but pulling out of the China market). There is no question that they are doing something right. But what is it? It’s all about data. Google is the […]

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