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Instructions for Adding Recording Integration if you use ShoreTel Call Recorder

Note that you will do this after your Brightmetrics account is already set up. If you’re account is not currently in functioning condition, please contact your Partner or email us at

1) Navigate to the Brightmetrics login page at to log in using your supplied credentials. Login
3) Select Data Sources from the Sidebar Menu Dashboard
4) In the Configured Data Sources section, click on the word ShoreTel which is a link to edit the Data Source properties

5) In the Edit Data Connection Instance dialog box, select the Yes option next to Enable ShoreTel Call Recording Integration. Data_Sources
6) In the Recording Server Address(es) box, enter the ip address or name of the ShoreTel Recording Server.

A couple notes here:

  • If you have more than one recording servers, enter the addresses separated by spaces
  • The recording servers must be reachable over the network from the system that has the Brightmetrics agent installed as well as the users browsers.
  • If your recording servers have names that are accessible outside the network, your recordings will be available outside the network. If you use internal IP addresses here, your recordings will only be available through Brightmetrics while the user is on your internal network.
7) Credentials.

If you select System-Wide credentials, then everyone that uses Brightmetrics will access the recordings using the same credentials (e.g. everyone will see the same recordings).

Alternatively, you can select Per-User credentials. Selecting this option will allow each user to enter their own ShoreTel GUI credentials (in their My Account area) and recordings permission will follow their ShoreTel permissions.

See Step 8 if you have selected Per-User, otherwise, proceed to step 9.

8) Per-User Recording Setup.

If you set up a per User configuration, each user will need to navigate to their My Account option on the Side Bar menu and set up their individual credentials. They will use their ShoreTel GUI Login and Password. These are the same credentials that are used to set up their ShoreTel Communicator software.

Alternatively, they will be asked for their ShoreTel credentials when they drill down to a Cradle-to-Grave report where they can listen to the recordings.

9) Install Recording Agent.

Select the option to download the Recording Integration Service agent. Once you have that, simply run the MSI file on each recording server.

10) IMPORTANT CONFIGURATION INFORMATION: Only recording profiles that include “GUID” in the File Template can be indexed for retrieval through Brightmetrics. The File Template can include other fields as well, but one of the fields must be GUID. This is the default configuration for the ShoreTel Call Recorder but ensure that this has not been removed. call_recorder_profile_must_contain_GUID_in_file_template_-_jlewis_brightmetrics_com_-_Brightmetrics_Mail
11) Now that Call Recording integration is set up, you can drill down to a Cradle-to-Grave report on any call that has a recording (and for which the user has permissions if set to Per-User credentials) and you will see a media player at the bottom of the dialog box. From there, you will be able to play the recordings, or you can download the recording by clicking on the PrintPreview icon. PrintPreview

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