Leigh McKenney, Author at Brightmetrics

5 Metrics to Help Your Healthcare Call Center Thrive

Looking to deliver top-notch call center experiences to patients? Monitoring the right call center metrics will help equip your agents with the know-how to provide optimized caller experiences every time. Healthcare organizations that can systematically monitor call center performance metrics essentially drive patient engagement and quality services. But, which metrics should you track? Explore the […]

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Communicating Your Way to Successful Contact Center CX

Your contact center is more than just a place customers reach out to when they have a problem. It’s also a hotbed of opportunities to connect with customers, champion your brand, and create selling opportunities via relationship building. Your customer service agents are the frontline of your business and, as far as customers are concerned, the face of your company. Let’s look at just how important your contact center customer experience (CX) is and how you can maximize the talent and technology within it for business growth.

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5 Ways Call Center Analytics Improve Remote Working

Call center analytics are designed to provide insight into the overall performance of your call center, including adjusting how you manage your workforce and how this impacts the overall customer experience–regardless of where your agents work from. Successfully managing a fully remote or hybrid call center becomes more achievable with relevant insights from your customer interaction data. Let’s look at 5 ways call center analytics can improve remote working for your employees and create better customer outcomes. 

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4 Ways To Boost Customer Engagement With Analytics

Contact center analytics offer your organization deeper customer engagement insights than standard sales and revenue figures. By tapping into the nuances of daily customer conversations and interactions, you can maximize the potential of the Voice of the Customer (VoC) with a compilation of callers’ needs, wants, and expectations via a single reference point. Here are 4 ways better analytics can easily improve your customer engagement.

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Managing High Call Volumes During the Holidays

You guessed it, it’s that time of year again. Contact center leaders across all industries are preparing their teams for the inevitable spike in customer calls and digital interactions in the coming weeks. If this holiday season is anything like last year’s, customer service teams should brace themselves. In fact, contact center call volume was up 41 percent year-over-year during the five days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday in 2021. This year could break all records. The question is: Are your contact center agents ready for the holiday season rush? 

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What is Average Speed of Answer, and Why You Should Be Tracking It

An abundance of key metrics can be used to gauge the efficiency of an organization’s call center or contact center operations. The Average Speed of Answer is often one of the most popular metrics to measure, but can also be challenging to decipher. At the basic level, Average Speed of Answer is about finding the fastest path to answering a customer’s questions.

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What is Business Intelligence & Why Does It Matter for Call Centers?

Business intelligence (BI) empowers business users to glean valuable insights from data using agile self-service programs without requiring IT intervention. Understanding your company’s valuable data can take the guesswork out of decision-making, improve coordination between departments, and help align core business initiatives. This article will help you understand the basics of BI and why it needs to be a priority for your organization.

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3 Sure Ways to Exceed Customer Expectations in 2021

2020 was, well, quite a year. Living through a pandemic for the past several months (feels like an eternity) has been hard on us all. Many of us had to quickly pivot the way we were doing business and develop what is now, our new, more flexible, business-as-usual. While we all continue to adapt, one thing remains constant – our want, or rather, need for immediate gratification.

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Build vs. Buy Contact Center Analytics: What is the Real Cost?

We don’t have to convince the dedicated operators of the contact center. They know they’ve spent hours, maybe days agonizing at their desks pulling together data from customer interactions, extracting it into Excel, merging, “vlookup”ing, pivoting to get business insights, and pulling it all together into a presentable format to give to leadership. The native reports and dashboards can’t get you what you need.

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How Agent Scorecards Can Help a Distributed Contact Center

All of our worlds have been turned upside-down recently due to the novel Coronavirus pandemic. Like most businesses, you likely had to put a quick, emergency plan in place to get your contact center agents the technology and resources they needed to be able to successfully work from home. While you may have encountered some […]

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