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3 KPIs Insurance Industry Call Centers Should Track

Contact centers get a bad rap. Most customers would rather spend their time on a variety of other tasks than contact their insurance customer service center. In fact, nearly a quarter of Americans surveyed would rather shave their head than speak to a customer service rep, while 22% would prefer to spend a night in jail. However, insurance company call centers or contact centers can drastically reduce wait times and change their customers’ perceptions by providing excellent and speedy customer service with the help of measuring the right KPIs. 

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How to Identify the Right Call Center Metrics to Measure?

What are the best call center metrics to track? Which ones should you set goals for and base reporting on? Some key metrics provide valuable insights into your call center’s organizational workflows. Others offer little value for your center and can complicate matters when measuring agent performance or tracking customer satisfaction. Performance analysis is supposed to help day-to-day operations, not hinder them.

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4 Agent Performance Tracking Metrics You’re Overlooking

Your call center’s success depends on employing agents who can satisfy customer needs effectively and efficiently. Tracking agent performance metrics gives you a data-driven strategy for measuring your agents’ activity and contribution to the customer experience. Below we’ve listed four metrics that your team leaders may be overlooking, or at the very least, underestimating, for call center agent performance. 

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5 Things To Consider When Building Your Contact Center Dashboard

Building contact center dashboards can be grueling and for a good reason. These dashboards must highlight correct, relevant, and up-to-date information in order to best inform your teams. But with the sheer volume of interaction data available, one can easily get lost in the details. When building your dashboards, follow these tips to ensure the most critical data is visible and actionable at a glance.

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BPO Call Centers: Pros and Cons of Outsourcing

Not all organizations have the capabilities or resources to provide the level of call center support that customers have come to expect. Outsourcing customer service functions to an external third party often allow companies to focus their efforts on other elements of their business, like product or sales development, while also offering consistent and exceptional customer support. When considering outsourcing any customer service elements, BPOs become an important part of the conversation. Discover what a BPO call center is and the various components of implementing them in your customer support models. 

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Call Center Analytics: Types & Benefits to Your Customer Experience

Customers care about their interactions with your business more than ever before. By unearthing the customer data insights your business call center is already collecting, businesses can better meet customers’ expectations, and improve their overall customer experience. Call center analytics makes it easy to understand your customers.

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2 Contact Center Metrics That Will Immediately Improve Your Customer Experience

You may think your contact center team delivers a great customer experience, but does your data support this notion? Each contact center has its own programs, with goals and objectives set by the management, client, or other key stakeholders. While there are several agreed key contact center metrics you need for a balanced perspective (i.e. customer satisfaction, first contact resolution, agent satisfaction… etc.) there are two metrics that are within your span of control to effect immediate outcomes.

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Top 3 Contact Center Metrics to Impact Customer Satisfaction Today

We have to admit, we feel a bit shocked when people tell us they are accessing all the insights they need from their phone system or contact center software’s native reporting tool. Why do we feel so strongly about this? Well, here are just a few examples where native reports fall short: The single-point-in-time snapshots […]

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Why Try The New Brightmetrics Radiance User Interface?

We didn’t upgrade our user interface for us, we did it for you, the customer. And we want to make sure you’re getting the full experience of Radiance and all it has to offer. Yes, it’s sleeker, more modern, and generally more appealing to the eye, but this update comes with more than just an […]

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