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The 2 Key Analytic Functions That Drive Contact Center Customer Satisfaction

While there are many organizational methods of improving your customer satisfaction (CSAT) score, such as continuous agent training and prioritizing customer satisfaction, modern analytics technology can significantly reduce the time (and cost) required to ensure satisfied callers. There are 2 key data-driven functions to achieve and sustain a high CSAT score in your contact center – historical data and real-time perspectives. 

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5 Disadvantages of Disorganized Contact Center Data

As a contact center data analyst, you might face the ongoing challenge of navigating through large volumes of information. While your contact center data provides significant insights into the customer experience, your team needs to interpret the hidden details behind the technical values. Not making sense of your data equates to missing out on valuable opportunities to improve your service standards and company reputation.

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Call Center Analytics: Types & Benefits to Your Customer Experience

Customers care about their interactions with your business more than ever before. By unearthing the customer data insights your business call center is already collecting, businesses can better meet customers’ expectations, and improve their overall customer experience. Call center analytics makes it easy to understand your customers.

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Reporting vs Analytics: Their Differences and Importance

Data is here to stay. Businesses that understand the immeasurable value that their data holds and the impact of being able to properly access it will come ahead of competitors. Better understanding data through reporting and analysis helps with decision making and action within your organization leading to increased value and enhanced performance. In this article, we are going to explore the functionality of analytics and reporting, the key differences, and how clarifying your understanding of these terms can help your business work cohesively, more specifically, your business’s call center.

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How To Leverage Data Analytics in Your Call Center

In the world of business intelligence, “data” and “analytics” are often terms used when discussing tools your business should or could be using more efficiently. But it gets confusing really quickly when you start looking into how to actually use and analyze data. Things quickly become about programming languages, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Or you click one too many times and you get into the weeds of advanced statistical analysis and regression models or predictive modeling.

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Are Quarterly Business Reviews Enough in the 2020s?

There has to be a better way to build trust through transparency with your customers, right? If you’re waiting over 90 days to evaluate your team’s performance to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in your Quarterly Business Reviews, then you’re right. There is a better way. A few decades ago (I’ll look forward to the age […]

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KPI vs KRI: What’s the Difference?

Most people are familiar with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), especially within the contact center and customer service space. Key Result Indicators (KRIs) are less known, but equally important to your business. Learn more about the differences between these indicators below, and how can you combine them for more effective contact center management.

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