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Productivity vs. Efficiency: What Matters Most for Contact Center Agents?

I used to find that many contact center managers viewed contacts handled as virtually synonymous with productivity. How many calls, or emails, or social posts did you handle? Simple, right? Well, not so fast. True productivity is advancing the mission of the organization.

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22 Essential Customer Service Stats To Know in 2022

Consumers have been interacting with companies and brands for decades. However, only in recent years has the customer experience become an integral part of the overall buyer’s journey. Customers value a company’s attention to their needs and concerns far beyond their initial purchases or services. Pivoting business resources and focusing on customer interactions, provides key insights into improving customer retention and loyalty to your company and brand. Here are 22 interesting customer service statistics to consider when evaluating your contact center customer experience strategy and goals.

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The Surprising Missing Ingredient in Call Center Operations

We are midway through 2022. Contact center trends that were forecasted at the beginning of the year have had sticking power and we have seen a common theme emerge as the months have passed. The theme: Strategic organizations are centralizing their operations around consistency. 

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Call Center Customer Experience: 4 Trends to Apply Today

In recent years, the customer service industry has been upended with pandemic-related challenges. In particular, call centers and their teams have had to quickly adapt to new work environments, technological barriers, high call volumes, and increased customer escalations, just to name a few. And as organizations continue to navigate and adjust to the expectations of their customers and employees, certain call center customer experience trends have come to light.

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Call Center Best Practices to Implement Immediately

We love the optimism and the hopefulness that beginning a new year brings. Individuals ruminate about self-improvement practices. Businesses try to forecast what is ahead of them and craft strategies to support those forecasts. Being a call center analytics software company, this is our favorite time of year at Brightmetrics™.

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What Are Thresholds and Why Do They Matter To Call Centers?

If you said, “thresholds are a strip of wood, metal, or stone forming the bottom of a doorway”, well…. you’d technically be right, but we’re not talking about that kind of threshold.   No, we’re talking about time (or count) thresholds as they relate to inbound calls in your call center. These are pre-planned values […]

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