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How to Get More from Your Contact Center Analytics for Free

Managing performance in your contact center is strenuous, but essential to organizations. And this past year monitoring performance has become even more complicated as teams have shifted to a hybrid or fully remote work environment. Reduced or stricter budgets, as well as limited staff and management, have only added to the mix. However, at the same time, your customers haven’t stopped reaching out to your business.

In fact, according to a recent article by Fortune’s CEO Daily, “Average handle time for each call increased for 55% of companies. That reflected an increased complexity of calls, but also an increased degree of interaction between agents and customers.” All of these factors combined have brought on an entirely new set of challenges around monitoring agent performance and customer interactions.


Many contact center managers are left wondering – are my agents actually doing their job to our level of standard? Are our customers satisfied and are their problems being resolved efficiently? Do we have room in the budget to invest in reporting and analytics technology if needed? Let’s dig deeper.


Building Your Contact Center Dream Team

All contact center managers wish they had a team of rockstar agents. A team that always log in on time, is efficient with their calls, is friendly and goes above and beyond for customers, never fails evaluations, and only escalates calls that they cannot positively resolve on the first touch. However, with the recent operational adjustments that most teams have experienced, closely monitoring team performance and maintaining standards for customer experience are no longer at the top of the priority list.


Imagine if you could quickly transform your agents into a calm and efficient dream team.


Remember this bit of wisdom, “What gets measured, gets managed.” First, you need to analyze and understand what makes your current rockstar agents so great. Running a deep dive analysis on their behavior – do they truly resolve every call on the first touch? Do they pick up every customer call within seconds and leaving them satisfied? Do they really never take breaks?


Most likely not. But what makes them leave this impression with upper management and customers? What differentiates them from their peers? Whatever it is that sets them apart, you need to know – that’s the key. What are those series of behaviors that make them a cut above everyone else? Sure, those rockstar agents may have a certain personality that excels in this type of work, but it’s not all charisma. You want to find those repeatable behaviors – and once you do, coach the rest of your agents on these biggest wins. Teach one or two of those “rockstar” behaviors at a time. Then share the results transparently with these team members so they can monitor their own growth. You could even go a step further and show them how they stack up against the rest of your agents.


No Budget, No Problem

Most contact center systems offer native reporting tools that help you make sense of the data your customers are providing every time they interact with one of your agents. However, often enough, these native reporting tools are not seamless visualizations of your customer data, nor do they usually provide an in-depth look at contact center trends and anomalies. Pulling data from different communication channels can also be quite tedious and time-consuming. You may have recently chosen to voice these same pain points with your leadership team, however, they’ve told you that investing in newer, more penetrative analytics is unfortunately not an option because of budgetary concerns. And to top it off, your team is faced with alarming customer complaints, an increase in escalations, and job dissatisfaction.


Fortunately, Brightmetrics LITE Analytics™ for the Genesys Cloud platform allows you to tackle and solve these issues in a matter of minutes, and is completely free, forever. LITE Analytics surfaces seven days of your historical contact center data and visualizes your team’s activity and customer interactions with customizable charts and dashboards. This lets you monitor your agent and customer experiences from anywhere, at any time. Our analytics provide you the tools to quickly identify why your rockstars are special and lets you take those coaching insights to the rest of the team with dashboards and reports so they can manage their own growth. Enjoy unlimited dashboards, customizable reporting features, and access to our world-class support team with LITE Analytics.




Teams Ready to Succeed

Beyond that, our analytics will also help you solve other issues now and down the road. When are your customers calling? How should you schedule your staff? When should agents take breaks? How satisfied are your customers? How could you leverage automation to take some load off your rockstars?


With LITE Analytics you can set clear and defined KPIs, give targeted and transparent feedback to your agents, find trends and anomalies in your customer interactions, and improve your overall customer experience and contact center operations. Accomplish all of this while still maneuvering through workplace adjustments and staying within budget.


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