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4 Agent Performance Tracking Metrics You’re Overlooking

Your call center’s success depends on employing agents who can satisfy customer needs effectively and efficiently. Tracking agent performance metrics gives you a data-driven strategy for measuring your agents’ activity and contribution to the customer experience. Below we’ve listed four metrics that your team leaders may be overlooking, or at the very least, underestimating, for call center agent performance. 

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Managing High Call Volumes During the Holidays

You guessed it, it’s that time of year again. Contact center leaders across all industries are preparing their teams for the inevitable spike in customer calls and digital interactions in the coming weeks. If this holiday season is anything like last year’s, customer service teams should brace themselves. In fact, contact center call volume was up 41 percent year-over-year during the five days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday in 2021. This year could break all records. The question is: Are your contact center agents ready for the holiday season rush? 

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BPO Call Centers: Pros and Cons of Outsourcing

Not all organizations have the capabilities or resources to provide the level of call center support that customers have come to expect. Outsourcing customer service functions to an external third party often allow companies to focus their efforts on other elements of their business, like product or sales development, while also offering consistent and exceptional customer support. When considering outsourcing any customer service elements, BPOs become an important part of the conversation. Discover what a BPO call center is and the various components of implementing them in your customer support models. 

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How to Predict Your Call Center Needs with Staff Forecasting

There is no doubt that call centers continue to be the frontline teams directly interacting with your customers. Even with the rise in popularity of other digital customer service channels, like email and chat, voice calling remains one of the most popular channels in addressing customer issues and providing support.  

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How Agent Scorecards Can Help a Distributed Contact Center

All of our worlds have been turned upside-down recently due to the novel Coronavirus pandemic. Like most businesses, you likely had to put a quick, emergency plan in place to get your contact center agents the technology and resources they needed to be able to successfully work from home. While you may have encountered some […]

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