Customize My Data

When it comes to the insights you need to run your business, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all.

Sure, your business phone system or contact center platform might have a ton of standard metrics that help you make data-driven decisions, but sometimes the way they choose to calculate those metrics just don’t align exactly to how you’d prefer to see them.


Or maybe looking at the “Data Customizations” option in your menu makes you wonder, “what am I missing? Why would I need to customize or manipulate my data?”


Well, let’s talk about it. Here are the top reasons we’ve built flexibility into your Brightmetrics services that help serve up the data the way you want it.


My Real % Call Abandoned → Custom Calculated Fields

This is a classic. Most organizations use this metric in the mix of vital stats that they monitor and trend to understand their customer experience. But, here is a problem: what if a large number of the calls being calculated into that percentage don’t really give your team an opportunity to service them?


Is that a fair reflection on the performance of your team?


What if you could calculate the percentage excluding calls that had a wait time less than 30 seconds? With Brightmetrics you can use our Custom Calculated Fields functionality to get this perspective:

Check out our Help Center article about Custom Calculated Fields to see how you can see other useful info derived from your data like:


  • Count of calls forwarded because either all agents were busy or no agents were logged in


  • Percentage of time on break  (ECC only)


  • Add a cost multiplier


I know what you’re thinking, “Well, that’s cool… but what about those Call Profile fields and Skills that we’ve set up on Contact Center (Mitel’s Connect Contact Center/ECC)?”

Call Profiles and Skills → Custom Detail Dimensions

A huge advantage to investing in a Contact Center solution is the capability to track your customer interactions based on the skills of your agents. Adding custom “tags” to the calls to classify the engagements in ways that make sense to your team are also part of that solution.


If you wanted to break out you Agent Activity Detail reports based on the language skills that were employed on those calls, you could do just that!


With Brightmetrics you can easily pull these custom dimensions into your detail reports to allow you to slice and dice this the way you want:

What are some other ways this can be useful?:


  • When you’re using skills-based or smart routing to determine and deliver calls to agents with specific experience or skill level


  • When utilizing a value-based or data-directed Call Routing model 


  • To make more your reports more robust by adding user-defined call profiles and skill levels


Check out more on how to configure these in the Help Center article here!


Finally, if you have any questions about how you can maximize your insights with these customizations or any other Brightmetrics issues, please feel free to contact our support engineers at

Matt Beatty leads the Brightmetrics team focused on increasing the value delivered to its customers and partners. His team is responsible for Marketing and delivering Product Education and User Support.

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