Fall Release- This Season’s New Features!

Well, another season down and here we are staring at the home stretch to the end of the year! 🍂

I’m sure you’re as ready as I am to settle down and enjoy the upcoming holiday season…



Regardless, we’re not there yet, so it’s time to bring you up to speed on Fall Release here at Brightmetrics!

First up, New Dashboard Templates!

We’ve always had great dashboard templates to help customers get started on Brightmetrics. Over the years, we’ve added new chart types and have had a lot of time to understand what charts our customers are finding most useful in their day to day operations.


As a result, we found that it’s a great time to overhaul our default system templates for Huntgroups, Workgroups, and ECC Groups. We’ve now adjusted the layouts of these templates to call out important details.


Also, we’ve added a bunch of valuable charts – key stats, agent performance, call volume by the hour of the day, and beyond.


These small changes will go a long way in delivering a quick path to immediate value for you!


Ready for The NEW Feature?!

Fair warning – beyond the new templates, the other feature in this release is specific to customers on Enterprise Contact Center (or as Mitel calls it now MiVoice Contact Center Connect).


As such, I’m going to take the opportunity to highlight a number of Brightmetrics ECC features you may not be aware of today.


First, Brightmetrics now supports detail reporting for Skills and Custom Call Profile Fields in ECC!


Brightmetrics has long been the only complete reporting package for the Enterprise Contact Center. We’re the only ones that provide end-to-end drill-through reporting, Real Time dashboards, and agent management tools for the contact center in one complete (and inexpensive) package.


With this new feature release, we’re going even deeper on our offering to you and your organization.


Skills and Custom Call Profile Fields reporting is something that our customer and partner communities have been asking us about for a while.

Well, it’s here now and it’s ready to use today!


Our team threw together a Help Center article with the nitty-gritty details of how to set this up. It’s dead simple.


Once you have it in place, you’ll be able to report on your team’s Skills and Custom Call Profile Fields for IRN, Group, Agent and IVR App (more on this in a moment) data in Brightmetrics Detail Reports.


The obvious application here is around Skills-based routing. Tons of customers do this, and now, they can see the required skill level for any given call to better understand how and why the call routed in a particular way.


Beyond that, you can use call profiles fields to append information to call logs via third-party applications or database dips.


Now, any of those fields can now be mapped to report in Brightmetrics.


Honestly, we’re really excited to now offer this functionality… however, let’s take this opportunity to highlight some other perspectives and capabilities unique to Brightmetrics’s ECC and Real Time for ECC offering:

Next up, IVR Apps!

Speaking of IVR Apps, you may not be aware, but Brightmetrics can also report on IVR applications in ECC.


If your customer uses IVRs to run surveys, route calls or collect information, we can report on IVR apps to understand how calls flow through those IVRs.


By default, we don’t enable this data source because a number of customers don’t use or understand IVR apps. But, if you think this would be useful for your organization, simply email support@brightmetrics.com and they’ll turn it on for you!

We’re not done- Other ECC Features!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention our Call Center Group Supervisor and Call Flow functionalities in with this Fall Release.


Call Center Group Supervisor is a Real Time feature we released earlier this year.

It allows you to execute agent management functions from within Brightmetrics Real TimeDashboards!


Now, you can move agents between groups and manage release states. You even have the ability to log an agent in from a completely logged out state.


What’s more, this is something that the ECC Agent Manager can’t even do!


When you combine all of these features together, you get a complete analytics package that is unparalleled on MiVoice Connect Contact Center (or on any other system for that matter).


In conclusion, I hope you find these features extremely useful in your contact center in providing better customer service and optimizing your operational processes.

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Matt Beatty leads the Brightmetrics team focused on increasing the value delivered to its customers and partners. His team is responsible for Marketing and delivering Product Education and User Support.

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