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Turn your most powerful communication tool into a way to make better, data-driven business decisions. Brightmetrics™ enables your management team to pull insights from your business phone system and contact center platform unrivaled by any other reporting software. Don’t settle for metrics when you can have business intelligence analytics.

The Team

Brightmetrics is only as strong as its leaders. Here are the leaders at Brightmetrics that set the culture to provide value for customers at every turn!

Our Story

Our past helped shape our ability to offer cutting-edge business analytics. Discover why we have become the leader in reporting and analytics for business phone systems and contact center platforms.

The Team

Jim Lewis

Jim started with an engineering background, which helped him to build his first company that provided computer and networking equipment to many industries, including defense subcontractors. Jim decided to move into a service model with his second company, PlanIT Solutions, where he got his first exposure to deploying business phone systems and contact center solutions in the ShoreTel world. In these early experiences is where Jim ultimately decided that he wanted to fill a need he saw for better reporting, analytics, and data visualization for these critical customer interactions. He and his business partner parlayed a lucrative offer on PlanIT Solutions into what today is Brightmetrics™. With the Brightmetrics analytics and dashboard visualizations, Jim can do what he is passionate about: getting the right information in front of the right people at the right time. He loves the challenge of changing his customers’ mindset from “technology is a necessary evil” to “technology can be a strategic asset and competitive advantage for their business. Jim loves how much the customers love Brightmetrics. He is very proud that he has helped to create services that elicit such positive responses from users. Jim's relentless in his pursuit of discovering what his customers genuinely care about so he can continually integrate those needs into Brightmetrics. A former snowboarder, Jim “retired” from the sport at the “suggestion” of his wife after multiple surgeries and broken bones. Jim is an avid golfer, boater, and enjoys spending time in Lake Tahoe with his family.

Andrew Gaskill

Andrew Gaskill started working with Brightmetrics co-founder Jim Lewis more than ten years ago as a partner in the Managed Service Provider PlanIT Solutions. Through his experience in working with ShoreTel systems at PlanIT Solutions, Andrew created several custom applications for the ShoreTel platform, some of which are still in use today. Through their work together, Andrew and Jim realized that there was an opportunity to create better business intelligence from the ShoreTel solution through a data mining system that would become Brightmetrics. They combined their familiarity with the ShoreTel system and the business intelligence they knew their customers needed to create a product that turns phone data into the ability to make better business decisions. Andrew enjoys finding ways to help people focus on what they do and concentrate on the things they do best. At Brightmetrics, Andrew is in charge of software development, system architecture, and building the future value and expansion of our services. Andrew delivers the ability to mine the data from your communication and contact center systems that enable management to make decisions at a business level without having to be experts in Excel pivot tables, SQL queries, or data analytics tools. What does Andrew love doing most at Brightmetrics?: Solving problems and getting to the root of a problem. He thrives on understanding how something works or why it is not working and figuring out how best to solve that. Coming up with the right design for a program so that it not only works correctly but works elegantly. Andrew spends his free time taking care of his young children as well as the extensive collection of carnivorous plants that he and his wife have accumulated from his best friend’s nursery, California Carnivores.

The Brightmetrics Story

An organization like Brightmetrics isn’t born overnight. There were a lot of twists and turns in the road that lead to the creation of Brightmetrics. Here’s the story of how we came to be.


Jim Lewis and Andrew Gaskill started PlanIT Solutions, one of ShoreTel’s very first partners and began developing add-on features and functionality to the ShoreTel system.


Jim and Andrew started mining ShoreTel data to improve their own team’s productivity for their managed service customers. Visiting clients would see that data and wanted access to that data for their own business. Jim and Andrew started toying with the idea of a business that could enable data-driven insights for ShoreTel users.


Andrew and Jim sold PlanIT and used the sale to start a business analytics intelligence company, which eventually became Brightmetrics. As Unified Communication and Contact Center experts, they focused on building a tool that could benefit businesses by providing unprecedented insights from ShoreTel data while providing partners with better ways to sell ShoreTel phone systems while improving support to their customer base.

While interest in the Brightmetrics software is high during every demo, Jim’s favorite part of the job is watching the look on a customer’s face when they realize that Brightmetrics is completely different from anything they’ve ever seen before.


Brightmetrics Core UC Analytics service was released on its first UC platform: ShoreTel. Finally users and partners could  democratize the ability to derive business intelligence from their business phone system.


Customer demand began to rise for a better reporting system for the ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center. The Brightmetrics team saw a natural progression to extend our services to Contact Center platforms and developed Brightmetrics ECC. The experience in developing and supporting customers that needed business intelligence from ShoreTel contact center data helped Brightmetrics realize there was a real need across many Contact Center platforms for easy access to these insights.


Customers wanted the ability to use Brightmetrics to actively manage their customer experience teams and determine what that experience is in Real Time. The Brightmetrics team once again met the demand by developing Real Time, an add-on tool that provides to-the-minute data that allows users to make better decisions about what’s happening right now.


Brightmetrics remains the most powerful Mitel MiVoice Connect (ShoreTel) analytics tool. Simultaneous to enhancing the value delivered to thousands of customers on that platform, Brightmetrics launched its first expansion into the Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) category with the release of Brightmetrics for Genesys PureCloud Analytics and Real Time. 2019 also delivered the fresh, intuitive and engaging redesign of the user interface: Radiance.


“2019 was a huge milestone for Brightmetrics in many obvious aspects, but what has me excited is the foundational growth of a team and platform that are going to allow us to connect with and deliver value to more people, across a diversity of contact center solutions in 2020.” – Jim Lewis, CEO & Founder of Brightmetrics

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