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How Brightmetrics Can Help You

Whether it’s helping to differentiate you from your competition, setting the CC/UC platform apart from other manufacturers, or showing your customers how they can derive measurable ROI from their contact center system, Brightmetrics is your key to driving sales.

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Close More Business

By partnering with Brightmetrics, you can show prospects the ROI they should expect from their contact center platform.

Brightmetrics provides business intelligence around staffing levels, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction levels.

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Add Your Differentiator in Every Sale

Every manufacturer has a story about why they are better than the other vendors. Brightmetrics can help you tell a different, more compelling, and truly unique story.

If you go into the sale discussing business results that can be achieved by using Brightmetrics, you will set yourself apart from other providers who can't provide the deep data insights that truly help your customers.

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Make Your Maintenance Agreements Stickier

For many partners, maintenance agreements account for at least 50% of revenue. Brightmetrics’ insights into staffing levels, customer satisfaction, employee training, and productivity metrics translate into increased efficiencies, saved time and reduced costs for your customers.

By adding Brightmetrics to your maintenance agreements, you are providing a high perceived value for minimal cost and giving your customers information that they will not want to lose when it’s time to renew.

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Reduce Your Engineering Costs

In addition to adding value to your sales process, and the end-user, Brightmetrics is a resource for your engineering department as well.

What takes hours to generate from an engineer can surface in seconds with the reports generated by Brightmetrics. This means your engineering team spends fewer hours troubleshooting issues which translates into increased savings for you.

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Increase Recurring Revenue

Bundling Brightmetrics can put thousands of dollars per customer into your bottom line. What is a minimal cost to the customer yields hugely tangible results for them, and Brightmetrics provides the maintenance for our product so the recurring revenue is yours without recurring effort on your part.

Even adding Brightmetrics to 100 customers can add more than $200k to your bottom line while providing tangible ROI to the end-user

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Tap Into a Proven Partnership Model

Brightmetrics currently serves over 4,000 customers and has more than 100 partners.

Our model of delivering powerful analytics and reporting for Unified Communications / Contact Center systems has solved key solutions in the market that are currently underserved.

Not only are we experts at what we offer, but we're experts at building and maintaining relationships like yours.

Customer Testimonals

Don’t take our word, take theirs!

"Great customer service and very robust report creation"

Between the excellent onboarding process and great customer service, we've been able to solve most issues we've experienced within the first contact.

Chris V.
"Brightmetrics changed the way we look at customer service"

I like the ability to build telephone analytics dashboards for each location throughout our service area. Also, I appreciate the ability to generate timely reports that may be automated and sent via email or links to our location managers and customer care support team.

Scott A.
"Visibility leads to improvements, Brightmetrics gets it done!"

Implementation was crazy easy and didn't involve resource constraints or issues. The software itself is easy to use with helpful videos. Anytime I can't figure out how to make a report or figure a dashboard out, the support staff has been fast-acting and phenomenal to work with.

David P.
"Easy to navigate, intuitive reports, useful dashboard"

The reports are intuitive to find and easy to manipulate to find your desired results or statistics. The dashboards are easy to set up and modify. The Data on the dashboards remains synchronized at all times; there is no delay for information.

Anna B.
"The best app to manage agents and gather call info"

It is an easy-to-use app that provides excellent customer service and tools for management.

Adonai W.
"Best analytics & reporting solution for Genesys Cloud"

Great user experience, the user interface makes it easy to use and allows even our non-technical users to create their own reports and dashboards.

Henry S.
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