10 Ways Contact Center Managers Can Benefit from Enhanced Analytics

10 Ways Contact Center Managers Can Benefit from Enhanced Analytics

It’s easy to underestimate how vital this data is. Here are 10 key benefits for call center and contact center managers.

Integrate your CRM with other tools

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How to connect your integrations to your CRM platform?

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Why using the right CRM can make your team close more sales?

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Are you making the most of your data? Contact center analytics take your customer call and interaction data, and transform it into actionable insights you can use to hone the performance of your agents and your overall operation.

Your contact center is a direct interaction point for customers, and there’s a wealth of information from every engagement. It’s easy to underestimate how vital this data is, which is why we’ve brought together these 10 key benefits for call center and contact center managers.

1. Improved Customer Satisfaction

Call center data analytics can show the exact journey customers embark on when reaching out to your organization, and even provide insight into what they wish was better. Use this interaction data to improve agent skills and call management, and your customers will associate your brand with active listening, easy and quick resolutions, and an overall great experience. Powerful analytics can measure interactions across multiple communication channels, allowing you to become a truly omnichannel organization.

2. An Uplifted Employee Experience

It’s just as important to look after your employees as your customers. They're the face or voice of your company, and if they’re happy, they’re more likely to create great outcomes and experiences for customers. Call monitoring combined with data analytics on call handling time and other performance metrics can provide a picture of where agents need training, mentoring, or support.

Stats show that organizations that provide regular feedback have a 14.9% lower turnover figure than those that don’t. Data analytics also provide opportunities for praising agents who excel. Celebrate your top performers!

3. More Valuable Reports

Stakeholders and partners want more than just basic reports on average queue times or customer satisfaction scores. Flexible analytics tools empower leaders to show month-on-month improvements on key metrics, or detailed trends that provide practical insights into the business. Customizable reporting means making better business decisions based on your data rather than gut instinct.

4. Establish a Culture of Collaboration

This is especially important if your contact center has several departments, for example, frontline customer service and tech support. Collating data from across departments and creating dashboards relevant to the entire team helps bring employees together and encourages collaboration and communication.

Additionally, sharing public dashboards across teams encourages engagement from both in-office and hybrid employees.

5. Create Focused Self-Service Knowledge Bases

We already touched on one-to-one feedback to make agents feel valued, but analytics also allow contact center managers to see trends and patterns in the sort of issues customers are inquiring about. Analyzing wrap-codes and call recordings offers insight into commonly asked questions that can inspire targeted FAQ knowledge bases and video tutorials.

Offering customers the option to troubleshoot issues on their own will not only ease traffic to your call center but also provide an additional customer service channel enhancing your organization’s overall customer experience.

6. Secure Customer Retention

What really irks your customers? In-depth analytics help provide these answers. Whether it’s waiting too long for a call to be answered, or having to call half a dozen times to get an issue resolved, enhanced analytics can show which metrics are driving customer churn, and help you address those issues instantly.

7. Strategize for Peak Traffic

Enhanced analytics help contact center managers predict increases in call volumes and help prepare their staffing schedule accordingly. This is about more than just managing higher call volumes during the holidays. Managers may find that their contact center gets a surge of calls every week at a particular time of day, or one day may consistently be busier than others.

Healthcare call centers, for example, may find that Monday mornings are challenging to schedule as callers try to schedule appointments or deal with healthcare concerns that arose over the weekend. Analytics break down exactly why customers are engaging with your organization, and allow leaders to report those findings with clear evidence for increasing agent numbers or focusing on agents with specific skill sets during these busy periods.

8. Shift Your Operations To Be More Data-Driven

Providing clear direction to your company is easier with powerful insights from complete and accurate data. Your entire business strategy, from cross-selling to dealing with complaints, becomes more manageable with enhanced analytics that provide the right information to drive meaningful, evidence-based business decisions.

9. Seamless Integrations

No center works on a single system alone. From your agents' knowledge base to your CRM or other engagement logging facilities, you have a range of services working side by side to provide great service to customers and simplify your team's days. Advanced analytics use API capabilities to bring information together from a range of systems, services, or apps, creating fully integrated data for even more transparency across teams.

10. Contact Center Agility

Agile centers react to issues in real-time, flexing agent availability for sudden peaks, jumping on customer complaints quickly, and engaging technical support fast to halt or prevent routing or call-drop issues. This is only possible when you have easy access to information from a range of sources. The more agile your organization, the more likely you are to "wow" your customers, no matter how they choose to engage with you.

Make Most of Your Data

Don’t let your contact center data go to waste. Invest in enhanced analytics tools and enjoy improved dashboards and vastly superior reporting capabilities. The right tool uses both historical and real-time data to provide a clear picture of how well your team is performing and interacting with customers.

Simplify contact center management duties with the help of powerful analytics.Learn more about improving your contact center customer experience with Brightmetrics here.

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