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Surface business insights through analyzing and visualizing your customer engagements.

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What We Do

At Brightmetrics™, we enable your team to gain critical insights from your most common and valuable customer communication tools—your business phone system and contact center application. Brightmetrics pulls and organizes your telephone, and other multi-channel engagement data, into any configuration that you need. We’ll empower your team to drill down from summary reports or visualizations, showing high-level trends, into discrete calls or interactions so you can understand context, draw out better informed conclusions to help you make intelligent business decisions.



The backbone of Brightmetrics business intelligence, Brightmetrics deep analytics provides unprecedented insight using data to help you make better business decisions.

Real Time

Real Time

While Brightmetrics data is never more than one hour old, some situations call for more to-the-minute information. That’s where REAL TIME Analytics™ comes in.

More Than Just Reporting

Brightmetrics is much more than the average phone metrics reporting tool. We deliver intelligence analytics to facilitate better business decisions for your organization.


21-Day Free Trial Offer

It’s not like any other customer engagement analytics and dashboard tool you’ve ever used and we can prove it. We’re so sure that you’ll get business insights from the analytics only Brightmetrics can provide that we invite you to try it for free. We can have you up and running in just about 10 minutes- you have nothing to lose. Click the link below to get your free trial started now.

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