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Brightmetrics™ is not just another call center reporting software. We enable your team to gain critical insights into the performance of your contact center by identifying key performance indicators and metrics, and how they directly impact your customers’ experience.


  • Easy to Use: from your agents to the CEO, anyone can use our easy drag and drop capabilities to build your contact centers reports and dashboards

  • Flexible: get customizable dashboards and reports to fit your call center’s unique needs

  • Powerful: from high-level dashboards and call summary reports to drill-down interaction features, we show you the high-level trends and the nitty-gritty details giving you the power to make intelligent business decisions


Our Powerful Analytics Tools

Historical Analytics

Historical Analytics

The backbone of Brightmetrics business intelligence is deep call center analytics that provides remarkable insights using historical data to help you and your customer service team strategize and make better data-driven decisions.

Real Time Analytics

Real Time Analytics

While Brightmetrics historical analytics is never more than an hour old, some situations call for up-to-the-minute metrics and reporting about your call center performance. With REAL TIME Analytics, get a live feed of your agent activity and customer interactions.

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Brightmetrics is not like any other contact center analytics and reporting tool you’ve used before and we can prove it. We’re so sure that you’ll gain vital business insights from our historical analytics that we invite you to try it for free. We’ll have you up and running in about 10 minutes. What do you have to lose?


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