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"Brightmetrics came along, and all of a sudden it was speaking our language, and I was like, “This is what we need. It was like getting maple syrup out of ShoreTel, and it was just like Niagara Falls coming out of Brightmetrics. It was just wonderful.”

About A.B. May

A.B. May is a Kansas City–based company started in 1959 by Aleda and Bill May that provides Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, and Appliance Repair services with a customer experience that is nothing short of exceptional. ‍Their approach to fostering excellence begins with their top-down approach to building an internal culture of generosity, from providing personal staff support to community involvement. 

Industry: Professional Services

Size: 50+ employees

Location: Kansas City, MO


At a Glance

The A.B. May contact center team provides one of the first opportunities to deliver that white glove experience for their customers. Their 25 agents manage both outbound and inbound calls. Many of the calls they field occur when callers are experiencing extreme temperatures without climate control in their homes.

While using the native Mitel Connect (formerly known as ShoreTel) phone reporting, this management staff struggled to base their operations on the data provided.

Contact Center Challenges

The challenges faced by the A.B. May contact center team stemmed from the inability to access (and in some cases drill down into) complete contact center data that they needed to illuminate several areas: 

According to Shellie O’Dell, the Contact Center Manager, 

“. . . Some of the data we had been reporting on I knew in my gut was not perfect.  I couldn't put my finger on it because our old system was limited and not intuitive.”

Employee Behavior

This behavior covered many aspects of their agents’ schedules, from taking breaks and clocking in at the appropriate time to wrap codes and potential contributing factors leading to lost sales opportunities.  

Customer Experience

Native Mitel Connect reporting made for an incomplete depiction of customer behavior. For example, it (inaccurately) reported calls that selected the automated return call option as abandoned.

Departmental Processes 

During higher call volumes, call overflow was originally routed to a different department. They suspected this was inefficient but could not drill down into the calls to validate this assumption. 

The Solution

O’Dell decided to implement a trial run of Brightmetrics Core Analytics, ECC Analytics, and Real Time Dashboard modules. She was immediately impressed with the amount of accessible data for her team. 

“Brightmetrics came along, and all of a sudden it was speaking our language, and I was like, “This is what we need.  It was like getting maple syrup out of ShoreTel, and it was just like Niagara Falls coming out of Brightmetrics. It was just wonderful.” 

O’Dell was able to provide the leadership with concrete evidence that led to a fact-based, data-driven decision-making process. 

“There was a shift in how the company viewed the call center because I could easily show the detailed data that validates the summary information and trends we could now easily visualize.”

O’Dell installed two real-time dashboards in the contact center. Employees could then see the current queue in real time. She also had her employees run their own weekly reports to self-assess opportunities for improvement. They leveraged cradle-to-grave reporting and studied wrap codes to find patterns. They later  implemented processes that reduced the wasted opportunities from 20–30 to 2–3 per week. O’Dell’s individual coaching and integration of CRM + outbound call reporting resulted in an additional $30,000 in revenue during the first week of implementation. 

She says: 

“I don’t know if I could’ve done all that in our previous phone system without Brightmetrics. Brightmetrics was like the window into the [phone] system that allowed us to actually see what we were doing.”

Another significant benefit is the reporting they were able to access regarding the technical setup of their phone system. Some of the initiatives they tested included messages to customers during high call volumes, automated call return options, and implementing IVR systems into their processes. 

“Brightmetrics let us see the [impact of the changes] we were implementing; it showed us whether or not they were working, which enabled us to adjust and fine-tune based on these data insights.”

Brightmetrics enabled O’Dell and her leadership to easily access and review the right metrics, and refocus their time and effort to building a distinct family culture in the workplace, refining resources to empower employees and deliver an exceptional customer experience for A.B. May’s customers. 

“Brightmetrics took away all of the busy work that I was doing and allowed me to focus on the intentional work that I needed to deliver first-class service to our customers.”

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Customer Testimonals

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"Great customer service and very robust report creation"

Between the excellent onboarding process and great customer service, we've been able to solve most issues we've experienced within the first contact.

Chris V.
"Brightmetrics changed the way we look at customer service"

I like the ability to build telephone analytics dashboards for each location throughout our service area. Also, I appreciate the ability to generate timely reports that may be automated and sent via email or links to our location managers and customer care support team.

Scott A.
"Visibility leads to improvements, Brightmetrics gets it done!"

Implementation was crazy easy and didn't involve resource constraints or issues. The software itself is easy to use with helpful videos. Anytime I can't figure out how to make a report or figure a dashboard out, the support staff has been fast-acting and phenomenal to work with.

David P.
"Easy to navigate, intuitive reports, useful dashboard"

The reports are intuitive to find and easy to manipulate to find your desired results or statistics. The dashboards are easy to set up and modify. The Data on the dashboards remains synchronized at all times; there is no delay for information.

Anna B.
"The best app to manage agents and gather call info"

It is an easy-to-use app that provides excellent customer service and tools for management.

Adonai W.
"Best analytics & reporting solution for Genesys Cloud"

Great user experience, the user interface makes it easy to use and allows even our non-technical users to create their own reports and dashboards.

Henry S.

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