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Harness the Power of Your Contact Center Data with Brightmetrics Reporting and Analytics

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Spend less time digging for data

See the data that's most important to you. Create custom dashboards and reports tailored to fit your specific needs in just minutes.

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Uncover deep insights

Gain deeper understanding of your customer experience with cradle-to-grave reporting. Drill down from high-level dashboards and contact center KPIs to detailed interaction data in just a few clicks

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Enhance the customer experience

Gather crucial information, optimize advanced routing through callbacks, and seamlessly guide your customers towards alternate digital resources.

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Send reports to stakeholders automatically

Keep your team up-to-date without the hassle of switching back and forth between programs.

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Maximize your team's efficiency

Get insights into projected call volume and staffing needs, so you can ensure that your customers receive exceptional service.

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Manage your team's performance

Identify top-performing agents with while also shining a light on areas where your team members could benefit from additional coaching.

Welcome to Your New Dashboard! It's Quick and Easy to See Trends, Track Metrics, and Forecast for the Future.

Customizable Dashboards & Reports

Discover the data that helps optimize your platform performance and maximize your business success.

Our flexible, easy-to-use tools allow you to configure your data the way it works best for you.

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Powerful Scheduled Reporting

Easily keep your key stakeholders up to date with reports sent straight to their inboxes. Ensure that everyone has access to the latest information, even when they're out of the office or busy with other tasks.

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Transaction Drill-down

Easily drill down through high-level dashboards and contact center KPIs to view detailed interaction data for any transaction. Quickly determine where can you make adjustments to ensure the best possible service for your customers.

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Insightful Agent Activity Data

Identify the key metrics that set your most successful team members apart and to promote their best practices throughout your team. Discover opportunities for team member coaching and training.

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Brightmetrics for your specific software

Brightmetrics arms you with powerful, flexible reporting and analytics designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your contact center. Ensure you have all the information you need to deliver a top-notch customer experience with every interaction.


Including HISTORICAL and REAL TIME analytics

and REAL TIME analytics

Customer Testimonals

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"Great customer service and very robust report creation"

Between the excellent onboarding process and great customer service, we've been able to solve most issues we've experienced within the first contact.

Chris V.
"Brightmetrics changed the way we look at customer service"

I like the ability to build telephone analytics dashboards for each location throughout our service area. Also, I appreciate the ability to generate timely reports that may be automated and sent via email or links to our location managers and customer care support team.

Scott A.
"Visibility leads to improvements, Brightmetrics gets it done!"

Implementation was crazy easy and didn't involve resource constraints or issues. The software itself is easy to use with helpful videos. Anytime I can't figure out how to make a report or figure a dashboard out, the support staff has been fast-acting and phenomenal to work with.

David P.
"Easy to navigate, intuitive reports, useful dashboard"

The reports are intuitive to find and easy to manipulate to find your desired results or statistics. The dashboards are easy to set up and modify. The Data on the dashboards remains synchronized at all times; there is no delay for information.

Anna B.
"The best app to manage agents and gather call info"

It is an easy-to-use app that provides excellent customer service and tools for management.

Adonai W.
"Best analytics & reporting solution for Genesys Cloud"

Great user experience, the user interface makes it easy to use and allows even our non-technical users to create their own reports and dashboards.

Henry S.

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