How to Create a Chart to Compare Data from 2 Periods of Time

By now, I’m sure you know you can create visualizations on your Dashboard Charts in Brightmetrics. Did you know that you could create charts that allow you to see and compare data from 2 periods of time? This is important when you need help drawing out what could be trends, patterns or anomalies. When planning […]

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What does this Brightmetrics field mean?

Brightmetrics: What Does That Field Mean?

  One of the questions we get asked most frequently at the support desk ( is about what a particular field in Brightmetrics means. At every opportunity, we take the descriptions right from ShoreTel’s data, and the information we provide comes from their documents. But it’s not very convenient for us to tell you to […]

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Call Center Metrics

Which 2 Metrics Can I Use for a Better Customer Experience Tomorrow?

Each call center has its own programs, with goals and objectives set by the management, client, or other key stakeholders. While there are several key call center metrics needed for a balanced perspective (i.e. customer satisfaction, first contact resolution, agent satisfaction, etc.), there are a couple of metrics that are within your span of control […]

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