5 Disadvantages of Disorganized Contact Center Data

5 Disadvantages of Disorganized Contact Center Data

Is it difficult to derive insights out of your contact center data? Disorganized data leads to lost insights that could boost operations.

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As a contact center data analyst, you might face the ongoing challenge of navigating through large volumes of information. While your contact center data provides significant insights into the customer experience, your team needs to interpret the hidden details behind the technical values.

Not making sense of your data equates to missing out on valuable opportunities to improve your service standards and company reputation. We look at the drawbacks of a disorganized call data management system and how you can prevent them from happening.

The Disadvantages of Inefficient Data

Contact center and call center data contains a web of strategic information that maximizes customer satisfaction. Yet, the blueprints to success are not immediately visible or accessible. Teams must analyze and contextualize compiled contact center data for the best outcomes. Native reporting tools usually lack drill-down capabilities, which unpack organized data (e.g., sorted by time and call type) for identifying call trends and patterns. Without the right analytics, your engagement data remains a static bundle of numbers that lacks actionable follow-ups.

1. Poorly Documented Call Journeys

Interpreting contact center data enables you to determine the quality of customer satisfaction and loyalty within your contact center environment. Carefully reviewed call analytics keeps your teams informed about insightful customer interactions, such as interactive voice response (IVR) engagements, call wait times, and the effectiveness of assigned agents.

Having the information at your fingertips drives improved call experiences that encourage customers to share recommendations among peer networks, resulting in more traction for your business. Without a clear gauge of customer call journeys, your team remains uninformed about unique caller experiences and lacks the relevant details for addressing specific issues and offering effective responses.

2. A Lack of Strategic Staff Forecasting

Staff forecasting can help you optimize customer satisfaction through the busiest peak call periods. Time is of the essence when it comes to resolving call-in queries. Market research has shown that resolving customer issues with the first call has direct links to customer satisfaction scores (CSATs).

Detailed call analytics, like Brightmetrics™, have reports that will identify trends in call volume and provide the crucial details for arranging the best staff forecasting strategies. Your team can maintain high customer satisfaction rates while reducing callbacks and wait times. On the other hand, the lack of data analytics results in a loss of valuable staff forecasting opportunities for inspiring customer loyalty and retention.

3. Unreliable Decision-Making

Ineffective contact center data management could lead to incomplete analytics and inaccurate findings, resulting in poor decision-making. Your team might lack the specific information to respond tactfully to the latest customer trends and patterns. Disorganized data could lead to inconclusive findings and failure to meet caller demands, potentially harming long-term customer relationships and service level assessments.

An advanced analytics platform compiles and sorts the information your team needs for handling specific call scenarios without missing critical details. Your call center leaders can gain confidence and improve decision-making skills by consulting real-time call center and customer data when navigating time-sensitive scenarios.  

4. Muddled Team Dynamics

Your contact center's success is a collective effort based on the effectiveness of team activity. Contact center teams can make the best organizational decisions by working closely with visualized data and shared operational insights. For instance, every agent can monitor the number of calls in queue and handle customer call-ins faster, when needed, to avoid bottlenecks and wait times.

A non-transparent contact center environment prevents you from monitoring your team’s efficiency and customer satisfaction scores, making it challenging to intervene when required. Also, it makes it a hassle to maximize agent utilization, determining the time team members spend between call handling and related tasks.

Alternatively, the Brightmetrics™ team activity feature provides real-time cradle-to-grave reporting of team activity along with timestamp references. If you find yourself regularly asking “What was everyone doing when we had the opportunity to serve this customer better?”, then drilling down into team activity is essential to finding the answer and improving customer experience. The intuitive process allows you to monitor and follow up with agents, keeping teams motivated and on track to serve customers to the best of their abilities.  

5. Reduced Revenue

Essentially, the lack of proper data management in critical operational areas, such as agent activity, staffing volume, training program outcomes, abandonment rates, and inconsistent reporting, can undermine your company's revenue. For example, inaccessible data may lead to non-cost-effective spending on outreach campaigns and agent coaching

initiatives. Excess costs may also result from poor average call handling times (AHT) and technical inefficiencies because of the lack of clear, data-backed guidelines.  Implementing a reliable, consistent analytics solution streamlines your contact center data and empowers your team with contextual knowledge. Your agents can achieve optimal customer satisfaction scores without the expensive guesswork.

Applying the Brightmetrics Difference

Brightmetrics provides an advanced suite of contact center analytics that reveals vital business insights from your customer interaction data. Dynamic products like Brightmetrics assess historical and real-time data to offer your company a comprehensive view for informed decision-making and enhancing follow-up strategies.

Brightmetrics’ seamless dashboards help agents share their data and reports without delay. Additionally, Brightmetrics offers customized configurations to help your team deliver winning customer experiences every time, without relying on inaccurate KPIs and generic dashboard templates.  Learn more about improving your call center customer experience with Brightmetrics here.

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