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Forget Your Native Reporting Tool, 5 Reasons to Make the Switch

Does your current contact center analytics platform make your customer data completely accessible to you and your team? Does it also offer you the control and flexibility to slice and dice that data, diving deeper into your customer engagement reports?


Your current platform’s native reporting tools may provide your management team with general metrics, like average queue time and historical call activity. But to truly understand daily team activity, as well as key customer experience interactions, you may be having to pull data from an array of reports and piece them together to illustrate an overall story of your customer journey.


More powerful than just “another reporting” tool, Brightmetrics™ delivers customer intelligence that directly drives the success of your contact center. Brightmetrics helps you become empowered with the breadth of data to make informed business decisions to deliver optimal customer experience & create better operational processes. With Brightmetrics reporting, configure the visuals and metrics that are most important for you to see in the way that makes the most sense for you.


Below we’ve pulled together 5 key points to consider when comparing your current native analytics reporting to Brightmetrics:


1. Powerful Drill-Down Capabilities

Seeking to visualize high-level trends, patterns, and anomalies with seamless exploration all the way through to cradle to grave detailed interaction insights? Most native reporting tools are unable to provide you with this kind of in-depth detail of your contact center interactions. Now in a time when every impression counts as a win or a miss with your entire company and brand, it’s critical to understand customer needs, call trends, common questions, and first call resolution strategies. The only true way to completely understand your customer engagements is with granular detail and drill-down capabilities.


Here is a short clip from our CCaaS Analytics™ and REAL TIME Analytics™ Overview for Genesys Cloud featuring some of our drill-down capabilities in action:



2. Better Team Activity Visualization is Key

Contact center managers must be able to monitor and analyze their team activity in order to make informed staffing and operational decisions, as well as coaching observations. Hybrid or distributed teams make these insights even more crucial in order to optimize the customer experience. What are your agents doing while a customer call is in the Queue? Was the call transferred? Is your agent spending too little or too much time in the after-call wrap-up? All important timestamps in your customer’s engagement with your organization. With Brightmetrics Team Activity Reports, easily analyze and understand your team’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as your customer’s experience.


3. Simple and Seamless Scheduled Reporting

After identifying key insights and building your customized reports, the easy part should be sharing that information with your fellow team members and key stakeholders. That’s where our Scheduled Reporting tool comes in. Have any customized report emailed to you or your team on the cadence of your choosing. Making sure your team stays informed on their progress and performance benchmarks, ensures a better customer experience, as well as agent experience. We share our tips on how to master scheduled reporting here.


4. Customized Data and Dashboards

Sometimes, the initial picture of your contact center data points is just one part of the story. The real insights emerge when customizing dimensions, manipulating calculated values in order to spot trends and truly understand your customer experience. Custom dimensions, like Participant Data, are now available to pull through your Brightmetrics reports and dashboards.


5. A Tool Designed for Both Customer and Employee Experience

Understanding how your contact center agents are performing against your customized, weighted goals is now the norm. Not only does this ultimately encourage your agents to manage themselves, but also sets team and work culture standards that translate through to your customers. With features, like the Brightmetrics Agent Balanced Scorecard™, you can set clear expectations and standards that will lead to more efficient contact center operations saving a significant return on investment. Click here to learn more about the Agent Balanced Scorecard.


Now is the best time to finally alleviate the stress of pulling together all of the necessary information your team requires. Keep your agents up to speed on their own goals and progress, while making data-driven decisions to improve your customer experience and retention. With Brightmetrics, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of your customer experience to influence stronger, more loyal customer relationships.


Interested in seeing if Brightmetrics is right for your contact center? Our latest release, LITE Analytics™, would be the perfect way to try our reporting tools and dashboards. Did we mention it’s free, forever?


Click below to view all that LITE Analytics has to offer, as well as our free trial of our complete suite of Brightmetrics products for Genesys Cloud.


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