Our Top 10 Wins From 2020

Our Top 10 Wins From 2020

We’re proud of the Brightmetrics team for being able to come together this year (virtually of course!) and attain some of our biggest accomplishments yet.

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Last year at this time, the Brightmetrics team didn't have even the slightest idea what 2020 would bring. Many of us were excited for the turn of the decade, optimistic about new adventures and experiences to come. And then quite suddenly, all of our lives drastically changed in a matter of weeks, and things haven’t really been the same since.

Or have they?

Yes, our travel plans may have been put on the back burner, our visits with friends and family were paused, and many of us were forced to adapt to a level of multitasking never seen before (we’re talking to you working parents who became teachers overnight!). But in truth, we still found ways to stay connected. We managed to still support each other while being apart, and carry out team goals that may have felt impossible to achieve especially under the circumstances.

Looking back now on a year that was filled with uncertainty and tough choices, we’re extremely proud of our team for being able to come together (virtually of course!) and attain some of our biggest accomplishments yet. These wins, some big and some just a big deal to us helped bolster our team’s morale and stay focused on business objectives throughout this year.

So in the spirit of teamwork and making the best of an unprecedented situation, we’ve chosen our top 10 wins in 2020 to share with you all.

1. We ALL Went Remote

Our team, headquartered in Sonoma County in Northern California, is no stranger to the remote work lifestyle, with a few of our key team players based across the country and even South America. That being said, our office collaboration is deeply rooted in our workplace culture. We thrived on easy office pop-ins, water cooler banter, and conference room brainstorms.

However, when things started to take a turn for the worse, our leadership quickly prioritized our team’s health and safety and executed a swift and smooth transition to working from home in a matter of hours. While our office culture may not be the same for the time being, that’s not to say we haven’t found new and fun ways to connect and collaborate. Let’s just say that when your fellow team members and professional responsibilities don’t even make your 2020 stress list - that’s the win.

2. Brightmetrics CONTACT CENTER Analytics™ for Mitel MiContact Center Released!

Our delivery of Brightmetrics CONTACT CENTER Analytics for Mitel MiCC is another proud moment for us in 2020. The Mitel MiCC platform is truly a powerful omnichannel contact center platform. However, their standard reporting tools and templates will most likely leave you wishing for something more intuitive, flexible, and honestly something more visually appealing.

The good news is that with Brightmetrics CONTACT CENTER Analytics, your team members will not only be motivated to make data-driven decisions but also to deliver their best customer experience. Learn more about CONTACT CENTER Analytics for MiCC!

3. Brightmetrics Agent Balanced Scorecard™ Has Arrived

We’ve consistently argued that the main factor in improving customer experience is by actively supporting and managing agent performance and job satisfaction. Why is quantifiable feedback and engagement with your agents so important? Why does it matter that this impacts their satisfaction?

Measuring performance contributes significantly to the sense of purpose and realization of the impact your agents have and what they bring to your mission. Receiving affirmation for where they are succeeding and coaching them in areas where they could use some help is a vital ingredient. This idea ultimately came to fruition in the form of the Agent Balanced Scorecard. Leverage your contact center data to not only improve your customer satisfaction but also to improve your agent experience and job satisfaction.

Click to find out if the Agent Balanced Scorecard would benefit your team.

4. 93%, That’s Right!

We’ve always known our support team members are rockstars. And having the data to prove it is just the cherry on top!

We are proud to report that our amazing support team maintained an average 93% NPS score during the weirdest year ever. High fives all around! In all honesty, we are extremely proud of our support engineers who work day in and day out to provide easy and simple solutions for our customers and partners.

Visit our support hub to explore all of the great resources available.

5. Embracing Our Radiance User Interface

We introduced the Brightmetrics Radiance UI in the Spring of 2019. We wanted to give businesses all of the same critical customer engagement analytics and drill down call data they were used to, but in a sleek, new, and visually refreshing way.

Change is hard, so we knew we would have to encourage our users to give Radiance the opportunity to speak for itself. We’re happy to say that since its release over a year ago, over 70% of our user base has made the switch to Radiance with rave reviews.

6. Brightmetrics Recommended Templates

Our dashboards offer a lot of information about your contact center’s customer engagements. And at times, it may seem overwhelming to select the right filters in order to get down to the insights and reports that would most benefit your team.

Enter Brightmetrics Recommended Templates!

Especially helpful to all of the distributed teams out there, our recommended templates offer a quick and easy way to build your reports log founded on our team’s experience and knowledge. Easily find our recommended templates when clicking on the Reports icon in your Brightmetrics dashboard. Happy building!

7. Participant Data and API Functionality Now Available

Our recent release of Participant Data and API Functionality may be small features in the grand scheme of things but they are quite mighty. Let us explain.

Being able to set up your most important fields from Participant Data under your Data Customizations section allows you to have these custom fields available to pull into any of your dashboards or reports. Our API Functionality allows for ALL of your saved reports to be delivered through custom API calls providing the data to your BI tools on-demand, without having to configure the FTP or scheduled delivery.

If you’re interested in learning more about these new features, click here.

8. Our Genesys Cloud Customer Base Grew

Last year we excitedly announced becoming a premium app in the Genesys Cloud AppFoundry Marketplace. We’ve watched the Genesys Cloud platform grow and become a leader in the CCaaS space. And with this growth, we’ve also seen customers' need for smart and efficient contact center data reporting tools increase as well.

Brightmetrics is the only analytics service available for the Genesys Cloud platform that allows you to navigate from the intrigue of high-level trends down to the details within discrete interactions. We help your team become empowered with the breadth of data to make informed business decisions to deliver optimal customer experience & create better operational processes. We are a proud Genesys partner and look forward to continually delivering smart analytics to Genesys Cloud users in 2021.

9. We Added Some New Faces

We decided early on in the year that if we wanted to crush 2020, we’d need to pack on additional talent to our team. Luckily, this year's obstacles couldn’t stop us from bringing on some truly exceptional people.

Get to know our new Marketing Manager - Amanda Davis, our Marketing Specialist - Azure Beatrice, Developer - Kara Morison, and Support Engineer - Darius Shorter. Welcome to the Brightmetrics team!

10. Our Latest Release!

This is us saving the most exciting win for last. You can now analyze your contact center insights with our new, free forever, LITE Analytics™ for Genesys Cloud! Take advantage of our full reports and schedule features, unlimited historical dashboards, and 7 days of historical data all for free. Don’t believe us? Check this out!

To say this year has been tumultuous would be an understatement. However, we feel it necessary to recognize and celebrate any and all wins our team had this year. And we encourage you to do the same. Cheers to making it to the final chapter of 2020. Let’s toast to a better 2021! And if you’d like to learn more about Brightmetrics and how we can help you get more from your contact center data, please send us a message.

Happy holidays!

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