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Are Quarterly Business Reviews Enough in the 2020s?

There has to be a better way to build trust through transparency with your customers, right? If you’re waiting over 90 days to evaluate your team’s performance to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in your Quarterly Business Reviews, then you’re right. There is a better way.

A few decades ago (I’ll look forward to the age jokes), I managed the relationships with our accounts at PlanIT solutions (the Managed Service Provider preceding our venture here at Brightmetrics). For each of our customers, I’d plan our Quarterly Business Reviews and deliver data-informed insights about the service that we’d provided and the health of their IT networks and business phone systems. Depending on the size of the customer, preparing all the different data sources, creating the visuals, and summarizing our performance against objectives and Service Levels could take up to several hours.


The investment of time into preparing the data for these reviews, while onerous, was still important. Our objective was to reinforce the value we’d delivered to our customers and continue building trust that they’d made the right decision in partnering with us.


Today, there are more accessible and effective ways to showcase to your customers the value you’re delivering. What if you could provide regularly scheduled insights and metrics about your service in customized reports to your customers’ key stakeholders?


Better yet, what if you could provide them with a browser link that displays a dashboard of your service and support metrics? Brightmetrics enables your team to do just that.


We have a variety of customers that process claims, provide medical services, who schedule maintenance service calls from different geographies and industries that are using their contact center data to take transparency with their customers to the next level.


This transparency lays the foundation for a deeper trust in the relationship. They have confidence when they see your team deliver service to (or surpass) their expectations. They’re empowered to see when there are risks or a service that doesn’t live up to expectations, your teams can collaborate for mutual improvement.


By providing these frequent, highly available insights to your customers, you shift the tone of the relationship. Your spirit of partnership with them resonates. Having access to the metrics directly makes sure you’re on the same page. This proactive transparency serves to remove ambiguity and uncertainty on both sides. It ensures that the QBRs and other live conversations are centered around actual strategic goals rather than trying to establish a common understanding of the state of the relationship and re-establishing the value you deliver.


To learn more about how to schedule reports in Brightmetrics, you can check out a blog from our Support Engineering expert Andrea here. Or we have a quick, 3-minute tutorial video in our new Radiance experience here!


Don’t have Brightmetrics yet and want to be able to publish Dashboards or send custom reports to your customers? Sign up for a Free Trial on your Mitel or Genesys Cloud platform today!


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