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Experience as a Service With Genesys Cloud

Are you offering a simple point of contact for your organization, or are you crafting a complete experience?

Is the team that answers the phone, emails, and chats from your customers an inevitable necessity and cost center? Or do you see these moments of interaction as opportunities to strengthen the customer journey and build an advantage for your business?


A new year, a new decade offers a point of introspection and the chance to make deliberate changes in the way we deliver value to the local, regional, and global communities we serve. When we think about the way our organizations connect with people, it isn’t simply a “phone system”, a “contact center platform”, or a “CSR team”.


Genesys is maniacal about elevating the discussion about these connected moments beyond efficiency vs. effectiveness. As one of their AppFoundry Technology Partners with Premium Apps in their AppFoundry, we had the opportunity to sponsor and attend the Genesys Kick Off 2020 last week in Orlando. Let me tell you how refreshing it was to spend a few days with like-minded people who believe as deeply in curating unique and delightful experiences in those moments as we do.


Genesys is doing a bit of rebranding this year. You’ll see solution offerings grouped into the distinct categories of Genesys Cloud (previously PureCloud) and Genesys Engage. They’ve also put a lot of thought and resources behind positioning Genesys Cloud as an “Experience as a Service” platform. When Merijn te Booij (CMO, Genesys) and Tony Bates (CEO, Genesys) walked us through what this means to them and Genesys it struck me that this was much more than a marketing strategy to call Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) something softer and warmer.


Through coining “Experience as a Service”, they’ve captured the essence of what today’s world-class organizations are striving towards in the moments connected with their customers: orchestrating a variety of resources and talents to create a totally unique and personalized experience that communicates empathy, building trusting, and lasting relationships.


Brightmetrics™ is proud to partner with Genesys in delivering solutions in the “Data” piece of this EaaS eco-system. We provide critical insights from historical analysis and in-the-moment real-time metrics that will help your organization successfully craft these meaningful experiences. Brightmetrics has been in this industry for decades now, and we understand that this abstract theme of creating brilliant experiences starts with enabling your team with the tools they need to dig into and understand what makes the difference between successful interactions and those that fall short. We take advantage of Genesys Cloud’s robust APIs to deliver data visualizations that make trending easy, but also seamless drill-through capabilities that surface the situational context of discrete interactions.


One of the three pillars of Genesys Cloud Experience as a Service is customer & employee data. Brightmetrics is excited for 2020, as we look forward to the opportunities to partner with Genesys in delivering what our customers need in this critical capability.


If you’ve chosen to build your experiences on Genesys Cloud, check out our AppFoundry listing for more information on how Brightmetrics can help deliver the insight you need, and take a moment to sign up for a free 30-day trial!


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