Operational vs. Strategic Contact Center KPIs: Why Both Matter

Operational vs. Strategic Contact Center KPIs: Why Both Matter

What are operational vs. strategic contact center KPIs and why both are important to use in your contact center management.

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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential metrics for assessing and improving contact center performance. They not only gauge success but also pinpoint areas for improvement, guiding decisions on staffing, training, and technical enhancements such as routing efficiency.

While some contact center KPIs may vary based on industry, certain metrics like call handling time, customer satisfaction, and abandon rate are universally crucial for any customer engagement center.  

To truly excel, call centers and contact centers must integrate both operational and strategic KPIs into their management approach, ensuring both short-term efficiency and long-term success.

What Are Operational Contact Center KPIs?

Operational KPIs provide real-time insights into the current performance of agents, teams, and the overall contact center. They measure adherence to hourly, daily, or weekly goals, facilitating immediate adjustments to optimize efficiency. These metrics address issues such as queue management, trend analysis of customer pain points, and staffing optimization, catering to the growing preference for online interactions among customers.

Operational KPIs not only drive immediate success but also contribute to long-term strategic objectives. For instance, analyzing daily engagement volume trends can inform the development of cost-effective staffing schedules over time.

Using Operational KPIs

Effective utilization of operational KPIs hinges on timely access to relevant data presented in an easily digestible format. Visual representations like traffic light-style indicators or graphs are more comprehensible to team members, enabling swift responses to fluctuations in call volumes or excessive wrap times.  

Solutions like Brightmetrics REAL TIME Analytics™ empower managers with live data on agent status, abandon rates, and queue lengths, facilitating agile decision-making.

What Are Strategic Contact Center KPIs?

Unlike operational KPIs, strategic KPIs give an overview of how the contact center is performing against long-term business goals. These metrics are typically measured and reported monthly, quarterly, or annually, aligning with organizational goals. Strategic KPIs address overarching targets such as enhancing customer satisfaction or increasing call volume, informed by historical data and business objectives.

Using Strategic KPIs

Strategic KPIs help in making informed business decisions, such as identifying trends in customer complaints over several months to justify resource allocation for additional staffing or training. Demonstrating improvements in customer satisfaction can also bolster efforts to secure new business opportunities.  

Unified communications and contact center analytics like Brightmetrics provide historical data insights essential for devising effective strategies, including staff forecasting tools for optimizing staffing decisions based on projected call volumes.

Why Both Types Of KPIs Matter

Both operational and strategic KPIs are essential for running a successful contact center. While operational metrics enable swift daily decisions, strategic KPIs empower key stakeholders to advocate for meaningful business changes.

A balanced approach is crucial, as a focus solely on immediate operational concerns may neglect long-term objectives, while lofty aspirations without day-to-day management support are unattainable.

Aligning Operational And Strategic KPIs for Contact Center Success

Bringing your strategic and operational KPIs together means working with the right tools that can provide more data, fast. Access to dashboards containing key information relevant to both short-term operations and long-term goals is essential for informed decision-making. Analytics not only facilitate immediate responses to operational challenges but also generate high-level reports vital for strategic planning and stakeholder engagement.

Understanding the interplay between operational and strategic KPIs enables a holistic approach to contact center management, ensuring optimal customer service delivery in the moment while driving organizational success and consistency.  

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