5 Reasons Your Call Center Does NOT Need Brightmetrics

5 Reasons Your Call Center Does NOT Need Brightmetrics

Yes, you read that right. This is us serving up reasons why your call center team does NOT need Brightmetrics analytics and reporting.

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Yes. You read that right. This is us serving up reasons why your call center team does NOT need Brightmetrics analytics and reporting.

We’re sure you're already aware that your business’ call center is its crown jewel. As a result, you’ve already taken all the necessary steps to make sure your team provides an excellent customer experience and consistently contributes to increasing revenue. So then essentially, we would be no help to your team or business goals.

However, just to drive the point home, we’ve pulled together the top 5 reasons why Brightmetrics analytics would be of no use to your call center. Let’s dig in.

Reason 1: You Already Know Everything About Your Customer Experience

Your current analytics software provides your team all the customer experience data you need. You completely understand what your customers' pain points are, allowing you to provide them with an optimized experience tailored to their needs and personality type.If you’re saying to yourself, “Hold the phone, my current analytics tool is not providing this level of customer information..” then let us point out how Brightmetrics could help.

Our user-friendly dashboards and real-time feature options offer your call center team customer experience metrics at a glance. For example, highlight your center’s Abandon Rate, Average Speed of Answer, and anticipated Call Volume for the day on a public dashboard to keep your agents in the loop and able to self-manage. Our powerful drill-down capabilities also allow you to dig into specific customer interactions, and analyze both your agent activity and your customer’s needs. Not to mention our dashboards and reports pull all of your historical call center data providing your center’s specific call trends (spikes and lulls), anomalies (emergency situations), and overall performance (metrics and benchmarks).

Analyzing your customer interaction data is essential to delivering optimal customer experiences. Brightmetrics surfaces these insights for your team leaders and agents empowering your center to easily and efficiently handle complex customer situations at a moment's notice.

Reason 2: All of Your Call Center Agents Are Already Top-Performing Customer Service Rockstars

If no agent on your team ever transfers or escalates a customer interaction, or even better - is resolving every customer issue on the first touch, then please share your secrets with us!However, most likely, this isn’t the case within your call center. Yes, you may have some fantastic customer service team members, but we doubt you would consider everyone on your team a rockstar. And that is completely expected. Not everyone has the same level of experience to handle every type of customer issue, nor does everyone train and learn in the same manner or speed.

The Brightmetrics’ Agent Balanced Scorecard™ could solve this difficulty by easily providing your agents their performance metrics to encourage accountability and self-management. The Agent Balanced Scorecard highlights how each team member is excelling or falling short in accordance with your center’s benchmarks and goals. Scorecards also provide valuable coaching signals and opportunities for call center managers and team leaders.

With better training and coaching, your agents not only perform better but are also inclined to stay longer with your company and feel satisfied with their job role and purpose. But before you start handing out raises or promotions, better understand their strengths and weaknesses with smart data analytics, dashboards, and reporting.

Reason 3: Your Call Center Has Perfect Staffing Levels At All Times

Your current hiring and scheduling strategy make your work life a total breeze and you are never over or understaffed. And, the kicker, you’re always within budget! Wow, sounds like you’ve got it all figured out.

But, if you think you could use some help in this area, then Brightmetrics may be of use to you and your leadership team. Not only are you able to review historical data trends, like the days of the week or hours of the day you’re receiving the highest customer calls and messages, but you also have access to our staff forecasting feature. Brightmetrics Staff Forecasting pulls the information you need based on your previous daily activity and predicts your future volume and staffing needs. No more guessing.

Base your decisions on your own call center’s data and easily manage your staffing budget and forecasting. And if you want in-the-moment stats, our REAL TIME Analytics™ dashboards offer you a perspective into what your team is actively handling at any given moment, making it easy to make real-time business decisions.

Reason 4: Your Native Reporting Tool Provides All the Necessary Customer Interaction Data

If your current reporting tool is already pulling all the necessary data from your call center platform, offering vital insights into your call center’s performance and making it easy for your leadership teams to stay informed on your call center's progress and customer experience, then you’re right. Brightmetrics would NOT be useful to your teams.

Our recommended reporting templates created by our very own support team make it quick and easy to find the right report to best convey what your data is telling you. As well as the ability to manipulate and customize reports, and easily schedule these reports to reach the eyes of your leadership team, make this one of the key reasons why call center teams love Brightmetrics. If you’re having to spend time pulling data into an excel spreadsheet from different reports in order to get answers, then we’ve got you covered.

Reason 5: Your Team Leaders and Key Stakeholders Don’t Care About Lowering Customer Churn and Increasing Revenue

So your company does not find it necessary to save money or bring in more dollars to their bottom line. Then we’re sure whatever you're currently doing is great! And if your company doesn’t mind losing customers to the competition, then Brightmetrics may be a waste of your time.

However, we’re going to make a wild guess that this scenario isn’t completely accurate. The best way to generate more revenue and decrease churn is through deep diving into your call center's data analytics. Not only can you identify trends, but you can also monitor customer behavior to determine what types of services or products they need. With better customer service and more personalized solutions, you're likely to see an increase in business revenue as well as decreased customer churn.

With Brightmetrics, keep your leadership teams up to speed on daily activity, staffing, and performance. Simplify your staff scheduling and budgeting. And most importantly, improve your employee engagement. Satisfied employees lead to better customer experiences which ultimately leads to increased customer loyalty.

We Think You’ve Gotten the Idea

We hope we’ve hit a few of your key pain points when seriously looking at your call center’s performance, and be able to show you how Brightmetrics may be the answer you've been looking for.

While many call center teams are making significant efforts in delivering quick and helpful customer experiences, we think there is always room for improvement. And if you feel the same, then Brightmetrics is here to help.

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