Updating Your Analytics: 4 Benefits to Contact Center Managers

Updating Your Analytics: 4 Benefits to Contact Center Managers

Explore the benefits of investing in advanced analytics for your contact center management and KPI reporting.

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As a contact center manager or leader, convincing decision-makers within your organization to invest in advanced analytics software can be a tough sell, especially in times of economic uncertainty. While outlining the benefits of such software is crucial, illustrating real-world applications through analytics use cases could sway key stakeholders towards embracing this technology.  

Here are instances where your contact center could benefit from upgrading its analytics tools, along with some actionable KPI reporting insights.

1. Contact Center Managers Can Better Track Agent Performance

Agents are the frontline representatives of your business, directly impacting customer service outcomes. Monitoring their performance ensures a consistently positive customer experience when interacting with your contact center. Advanced analytics provide real-time tracking of agents, identifying peak productivity periods and areas for improvement.  

With key performance indicators (KPIs) like abandon rate, average handling time, and transfer rate, managers can pinpoint top-performing agents and areas requiring further training. Investing in analytics tailored for contact centers yields crucial insights beyond basic software capabilities, enhancing agent performance and customer satisfaction, ultimately helping your organization extract more value from its data.

2. Contact Center Managers Can Use Analytics to Improve Sales

Sales contribute to the success of your contact center, making it imperative for contact center managers to optimize revenue opportunities during customer interactions. Investing in analytics that offer pertinent performance metrics empowers managers to achieve this goal. These tools provide insights into how agents handle incoming calls, such as average wait time, a metric crucial for minimizing hold times and maximizing sales potential.  

Other KPIs like average speed of answer, agent utilization rate, and customer churn rate are equally instrumental in enhancing performance. Selecting an analytics tool with customizable reporting capabilities enables managers to tailor reports and dashboards to the unique needs of their contact center, facilitating informed decision-making to boost revenue.

3. Contact Center Managers Can Expertly Manage Staffing Levels

High staff attrition rates pose challenges for contact center managers in maintaining optimal staffing levels. Analytics software proves invaluable in forecasting future staffing needs and evaluating current agents. Metrics like call volume offer insights into staffing requirements during peak periods, aiding managers in strategic staff training and forecasting.  

Here is an example of a Brightmetrics staff forecasting report:

*Range label details: (i.e. "208 calls - 3/4/5"); Forecasted number of calls for the interval. Lower staffing forecast = higher threshold of Target Wait Time; Target staffing forecast = Target Wait Time; Upper staffing forecast = lower range of Target Wait Time.

Advanced analytics tools like Brightmetrics, furnish both historical and real-time data, enabling contact centers to make informed staffing decisions and enhance employee productivity. With the ability to easily visualize agent performance and monitor KPIs, managers can identify coaching needs and improve overall staff efficiency.

4. Call Center Managers Can Quickly Optimize Training Outcomes

Analytics generate comprehensive insights into agent performance, serving as a valuable resource for enhancing training initiatives. By analyzing customer and agent engagement metrics, managers can identify areas where agents may require additional coaching or improvement.  

Advanced analytics tools support managers in setting training objectives tailored to the specific needs of their contact center. With a unified system providing a holistic view of agent data, managers can streamline training processes and improve overall performance.

Get More Out of Your Data With Brightmetrics 

As a customer service leader, investing in advanced analytics software like Brightmetrics, is essential for driving informed decision-making and optimizing business intelligence. With its capabilities to track agent performance, improve sales, manage staffing levels effectively, and optimize training outcomes, Brightmetrics is an ideal solution for enhancing productivity and maximizing value from data in your contact center.  

To delve deeper into the impact of analytics on your contact center, explore brightmetrics.com.

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