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    Contact Center Analytics for Genesys Cloud

    Brightmetrics™ is the only contact center analytics software available for Genesys Cloud that allows you to see the high-level trends and the nitty-gritty details of your contact center operations all-in-one place. Our CCaaS and REAL TIME Analytics come from multiple sources allowing you to configure your data in any manner that works for you so you can make informed business decisions and deliver an optimal customer experience.

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  • Brightmetrics CCaaS Analytics™ for Genesys Cloud

    1) You’re driven to connect the different moments that build exceptional customer experience.
    2) You’re agile, relentless in seeking efficiency, and committed to enabling your contact center team with flexible, modern cloud engagement platforms. Empower your team with the metrics that show your true customer interactions.

    • Flexible and customizable dashboards and reports built in minutes
    • Drill down through high-level dashboards and contact center KPIs to detailed interaction data in just a few clicks
    • Keep key stakeholders up to date without leaving their inboxes by using our powerful scheduled reporting feature
    • Improve customer experience by using our Staff Forecasting tool to look at projected call volume and number of agents needed

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  • Brightmetrics REAL TIME Analytics™ for Genesys Cloud

    Historical data with Brightmetrics CCaaS Analytics is great, but sometimes you need data as it happens. The perfect compliment to our historical analytics, REAL TIME Analytics delivers up to the second data perspectives allowing contact center managers and team leaders to make decisions quickly and deliver optimal customer experiences.

    • Take action quickly with real time views of customers currently in queue, agents status, average queue time, and more!
    • Contact center data that alerts you to increased volume as it happens, allowing you to solve issues before they get out of hand
    • Dashboards and reports configurable for the SLAs and KPIs most important to your contact center
    • Allow all contact center operation teams to monitor calls on their own devices and adapt to meet customer needs

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Brightmetrics Pricing for Genesys Cloud

Our philosophy is to always provide simple pricing with no hidden costs. So we’re putting it right up front. Give us a call regarding pricing for over 200 agents.

CCaaS Analytics™ Pricing


Annual Commitment
Monthly Payment

Monthly Commitment
Monthly Payment

Price/agent per month




15 agent minimum




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REAL TIME Analytics™ Pricing

Brightmetrics REAL TIME Analytics provides a unified view of what is happening right now in your call center.

Prices start at just

$89 / month per organization*

*In addition to Brightmetrics CCaaS Analytics

Contact Brightmetrics at or your Brightmetrics Reseller for more information.

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