Knowledge Is Power With Call Center Analytics

Knowledge Is Power With Call Center Analytics

Better understand your customer engagements and learn how to avoid a customer service crisis with the right call center analytics.

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Why using the right CRM can make your team close more sales?

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In a call center, few things are as mission-critical as having adequate information. Being able to understand how each individual, team, product, and channel is performing together at any given point in time helps with agile decision-making and building positive customer experiences. The best way to get the information you need? Call center analytics.

Native call center software gives a basic understanding of your call center performance but can leave call center managers with large data sets that can be difficult to unify into meaningful insights. Native reporting tools also tend to not offer any real context around call center agents and customer activity. What are your agents doing while a customer call is in the queue? Was the call transferred? Is your agent spending too little or too much time in after-call wrap-up work? All important timestamps in a customer journey with an organization. This problem leaves a lot of organizations wanting to go above and beyond their native reporting functionalities.

Enter Brightmetrics. We enable your team to gain actionable insights into the performance of your contact center by identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics, and how they directly impact your customers’ experience. This additional layer of functionality that yields knowledge can be a make or break for organizations.

Picture This Scenario

Let’s use this example: Your company’s latest product release is glitching causing massive disruptions across your entire customer base. Both your IT and customer support teams have already begun to address the issue and are working tirelessly to resolve the system crash as fast as possible.

However, the phones are ringing and your customers are eager to get their issues resolved immediately. As the volume in the call center continues to pick up, suddenly your website, overwhelmed with an influx of visitors searching for answers, also goes down. The tide begins to turn as your communication channels clog up with upset and impatient customers. You have frantic agents. You have declining customer satisfaction. You are starting to see negative commentary online.

The situation is fully overwhelming BUT it is manageable when supported by the knowledge that comes from reporting and analytics software. Brightmetrics would be a tool of empowerment for supervisors who found themselves in this position.

Prevent Call Center Disasters With The Right Analytics

Use Brightmetris’ advanced analytics dashboards and reporting to forecast and plan for special circumstances that may impact call volume in your call center. Investigate historical data for certain situations that are likely to increase call volumes, such as website crashes or system shutdowns, or a busy time of year like holidays or even economic downturns. Management can take this historical information and use it to anticipate periods of high call volume and staffing needs. Some things are unpredictable, and customer interactions can suddenly spike.

By using real-time data, like Brightmetrics REAL TIME Analytics™, a team can monitor and immediately react to these circumstances by adjusting break times and calling in additional resources. During a system crash or other significant events, they are able to monitor the queue. Brightmetrics, with its easy drag and drop dashboard functionality, allows call center supervisors to see that more agents need to be pulled from non-critical queues to support the frontline agents. Everyone from the agents on the floor to the CEO can see a high-level overview of the state of the call center. Access to call summary reports, as well as the nitty-gritty details of call interactions, your team can be aware and make the best business decision.

Analytics open options and can make the next steps more visible for leadership to recognize. Perhaps now is the time to open up the option for voluntary overtime to help clear the social queues in an omnichannel or multichannel call center. It may be the time to send out a quick communication to agents with tools or support coaching agents with the latest updates from the IT team about website functionality being fixed.

Or it may be the time to pay close attention to agents who have extended call times who may be dealing with a difficult customer that a lead agent could intercede and take ownership over the resolution so that the frontline agent could resume taking calls that are waiting on hold.

Analytics can be the difference between a scenario such as the one described above being a relatively minor bump or something that causes severe profit loss. Knowledge is power. Knowledge in the hands of your agents, supervisors, and stakeholders makes a difference in your customer engagements.

Planning for the Future

It might seem like an afterthought to some companies but having the right data analytics solution can go a long way in keeping your customers happy behind the scenes. It can help mitigate the stress load your employees are carrying with them on a day-to-day. The right call center analytics software can reduce or mitigate risk, add revenue, and cultivate improved client experiences. We think that is pretty powerful stuff.

Brightmetrics is continually enhancing our contact center offerings and working to ensure our customer service experience is the best in class. We continue to optimize our analytics and reporting capabilities to make reports easier to create, save, and share. We enable both Mitel and Genesys Cloud users to easily configure their dashboards to their unique requirements and create, customize, and share reports to save time by getting to the crux of the problem quickly and implementing the right solution.

call center analytics dashboard

Our REAL TIME and historical reports are readily available to your team so that you can react to activity in the contact center and make the necessary changes to create the highest quality customer experience. Check out our latest product updates for our Genesys Cloud and Mitel users. We are so sure that you will gain vital business intelligence from our analytics that we invite you to try Brightmetrics for FREE.

We can get you set up in about 10 minutes. Let’s get you started by setting up your free trial.

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