5 Reasons You Need Better Analytics for Your Mitel MiVoice Business System

5 Reasons You Need Better Analytics for Your Mitel MiVoice Business System

Learn how better data analytics and reporting tools transform your Mitel MiVoice Business system into the ultimate business intelligence resource.

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Having the right data is invaluable in making your Unified Communications (UC) system a strategic asset for your organization’s customer engagements. Brightmetrics makes it easy to tap into the vast amount of information that your Mitel system collects with our powerful analytics and reporting software. And starting now, not only do we support the Mitel MiVoice Connect (MiVC) and Mitel MiContact Center (MiCC) platforms, but we also now support the Mitel MiVoice Business (MiVB) product line with Brightmetrics UC Analytics™ for MiVB.

That’s right, we’re delighted to announce that Brightmetrics now supports the entire Mitel product suite!

Here are 5 reasons why using the power of Brightmetrics helps you gain critical insights into your customer experience and transforms your Mitel system into the ultimate business intelligence resource.

Reason 1: Flexible and Customizable Dashboards and Reports Built In Minutes

If you have MiVoice Business reporting at all, it likely is a labor of love. Most often, it takes pulling data from a variety of sources and configuring them on a single spreadsheet to make sense of it all. Even then, pulling actionable insights from these reports can be difficult, or at the very least, time-consuming. Luckily, Brightmetrics is not your basic reporting tool.

Brightmetrics gives you flexibility to manipulate and filter data however you need. With drill-down capability that paints a complete picture of your customer's cradle-to-grave experience, now you can get the insights necessary to make informed business decisions all from a single dashboard.

Reason 2: Easily Identify KPIs and Set Performance Benchmarks

No two organizations will have the same goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Some teams need to look at detailed reports around individual user activity - how many inbound vs outbound calls did a team make? Others may care about Ring Groups or ACD Paths - are your calls waiting too long (thereby frustrating customers)? Are calls getting transferred too often (perhaps an employee training opportunity)? Is your team handling calls efficiently (both balancing productivity and CSAT)?

By using the full breadth of your Mitel system data, Brightmetrics helps your organization to better understand your customer's experience when they contact you.

Reason 3: Keep Your Teams Engaged With Scheduled Reporting

These days, most team leaders and executives expect to be kept in the loop on UC performance and customer service team metrics. This means different reports are hitting different team members’ inboxes monthly, weekly, or even daily. Within many call center systems, scheduling these types of reports can be inconvenient and cumbersome.

Brightmetrics makes scheduling the delivery of unique reporting and dashboards incredibly easy - as simple as choosing the recipients, metrics, and schedule. Not only does regular reporting keep your team members updated on performance benchmarks and goals, it also opens new channels of communication and feedback. Brightmetrics allows you to schedule reports based on the business metrics you want to accomplish, and that will best help your team members achieve those goals.

Reason 4: Effortlessly Measure Your Employee Productivity

Data is vital to managing your business. Suppose you have employees whose job it is to be communicating with your customers. In that case, productivity metrics may include how long it takes to handle a call, what percentage of calls are resolved on the first touch, and many other factors. Without specific metrics, it may be difficult to identify who the top performers are in your call center or contact center. Brightmetrics allows you to dive deeper into the data to quantify what makes them a top performer and highlight those who may need more coaching.

Reason 5: Enhance Your Customer Experience With REAL TIME Analytics™

Being able to track and monitor trends and anomalies in your customer interaction data is incredibly helpful, especially for staffing purposes and management. But sometimes, you need data as it happens. The perfect compliment to Brightmetrics historical analytics, REAL TIME Analytics, delivers up to the second data perspectives for ACD Paths to allow managers and leaders to make quick decisions and deliver optimal customer experiences.

Utilize key features like call volume alerts, allowing you to address issues immediately before they get out of hand. Or configure dashboards for SLAs and the KPIs that matter most to your team. You can even allow team members to monitor interactions from their own devices and adapt to customers' needs.

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Mitel MiVoice Business offers organizations a complete communication, collaboration, and customer experience solution. Incorporating a powerful analytics and reporting tool like Brightmetrics guarantees your team gets the most out of your UC system investment. Make better data-driven decisions with Brightmetrics UC Analytics and REAL TIME Analytics, and deliver important metrics to the fingertips of every stakeholder in your organization.

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